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York, PA Self Storage Units

Moove In Self Storage Units in York, PA

When you need storage units in York, PA, Moove In Self Storage is the perfect solution. With 5 self storage centers around York, there’s bound to be a location convenient for you. All of our self storage centers offer a wide range of features to make storing your things easy and affordable. They include 24/7 video security cameras, on-site managers, keypad-controlled front gates, and wide driveways.

Not sure what size storage unit you need? No problem! The on-site manager can help you decide! They can also help you with hand-trucks and dollies to move heavy stuff. Plus, all our locations in York, PA, offer packing supplies like boxes, tape, and bubble wrap.

If you have items that need special care, most of our self storage locations in York, PA, offer temperature-controlled storage units. These specialized units keep the temperatures from freezing or getting too hot during the year. They’re perfect for antiques, collections, and other things that can’t take temperatures too hot or too cold.

Most of our York, PA self storage centers offer vehicle storage. You can safely and affordably store a car or truck, a boat, RV, or even a bus! We suggest, however, calling in advance to check availability. (Vehicle spaces rent quickly!)

Students attending York College of Pennsylvania, Penn State York, or Harrisburg Area Community College store their things with Moove In too. We’re conveniently accessible to all three campuses and have 5’x5’ storage units perfect for storing the contents of a dorm room.

FAQs about Storage Units in York, PA

What can you store in a self storage unit?

Whatever you need to store, for whatever reason, a storage unit in York, PA is a perfect choice. For example, you can:

  • Store everything you own while you are between homes.

  • Store the contents of a single bedroom after your child moves out. That way, you can repurpose it into a craft room, home office, workout room, etc.

  • Store your upholstered furniture and other items while you renovate your home. They will stay clean and free of dust, debris, and damage.

  • Store the contents of your dorm room while you take a semester off to travel or study abroad.

  • Store your car, boat, or RV if you don't have a driveway or room in your garage.

  • Store files, furniture, overstock, and other items from your small business. Many rental business owners store their rental gear with us during the offseason. Bicycles, inflatables, camping gear, and the like.

  • Store Christmas and Holiday decorations.

  • Store collections including antiques, Lego, action figures, and many more.

How can I rent a York self storage unit?

The easiest way to rent self storage units in York, PA, is to check out our Moove In location page. Once you find the location closest to you, give the on-site manager a call. Even better, stop by in person and let them help you choose the best storage unit for your specific needs.

What size York, PA storage unit do I need?

The storage unit size you need depends on how much you have to store. For example, a studio apartment usually fits in a 5’x5’  storage unit. On the other hand, a 4 bedroom, 3 bath home will need a much larger storage unit. One easy way to determine what size storage unit you need is to check out our storage unit size guide

Can you park a car in our York storage facilities? 

Five of our six self storage locations in York have vehicle storage for cars, boats, and RVs. Some also offer covered and indoor storage for your car. We suggest calling the Moove In location closest to you and asking the onsite manager. If they don't have car storage available, they can point you in the direction of a location that does. 

How much is a storage unit in York, PA? 

The cost of a storage unit in York, PA, depends on which size storage unit you rent. A small, 5’x5’ unit can go for as little as $60.00 per month. Our largest storage units are, as you might imagine, a bit more than that. It's easy to see the cost of a storage unit on the Moove In page for York, PA. It lists the various locations, sizes, and costs. By the way, two of our York, PA, self storage facilities run monthly specials, including:

  1. 140 Morgan Lane / 1st Month Free

  2. 4844 West Market Street / 1st Month Free

Can I buy moving boxes at your York, PA, storage facilities?

All of our York, Pennsylvania, self storage centers sell moving boxes. They also sell tape, bubble wrap, packing paper, and many other moving supplies. (All at very reasonable prices, of course!)

Do I need climate-controlled storage in Pennsylvania?

If you have items that need it, most of our York storage centers have temperature-controlled storage units. “Climate-controlled” storage is actually a misnomer. Our storage units are temperature-controlled, so they don't go above 80 degrees Fahrenheit or below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Do you need one? That depends on what you’re storing. Most household goods can easily handle a bit of cold or heat. Antiques, collectibles, electronics, and other items, not so much. If you still have questions, call your local Moove In location and talk to the onsite manager. They’re self storage experts who can easily tell if temperature-controlled storage is necessary for your particular items.

Are there restrictions on what I can put in a storage unit in Pennsylvania?

There are some items you can never store in a storage unit in Pennsylvania. They include:

  • Fuel and anything inherently flammable

  • Chemicals

  • Gases

  • Pesticides

  • Fireworks

  • Medical waste

  • Live animals

  • People (It's illegal to live in a storage unit in Pennsylvania.)

What is the smallest storage unit I can rent at your York facilities?

Typically a 5’x5’ storage unit is the smallest you can rent in York, PA. This size is perfect for the contents of a studio apartment, a single bedroom, or a dorm room.

What’s the largest storage unit I can rent at your York facilities?

Right now, a 10’x30’ storage unit is the largest you’ll find in York, PA. That’s bigger than a 2 car garage and big enough for a 3-4 bedroom home!

Where are York, PA, Moove In storage units located?

Moove In has 5 self storage locations in York serving the public. All of our self storage centers in York, PA, are clean and safe, with 24/7 video cameras and on-site managers. Those locations are below, with a note about temperature-controlled storage and vehicle storage. (All other amenities and features are the same.)

1. 2290 Greenbriar Road

Temperature-Controlled storage units and Vehicle storage

2. 3420 Bull Road

Temperature-Controlled storage units and Vehicle storage

3. 140 Morgan Lane

Temperature-Controlled storage units and Vehicle storage

4. 4844 West Market Street

Vehicle storage

5. 651 S Richland Ave

Temperature-Controlled storage units

For more information about renting a storage unit from Moove In, please see our Self storage FAQ Page. It has answers to several more questions that might be helpful while you make up your mind. You can also call the Moove In location nearest to you and speak with the on-site manager. They’re super friendly and helpful self storage experts!