What to Know About Storage Auctions

Moove In Self Storage never wants to auction off a unit! Unfortunately, we sometimes have to take necessary legal steps to gain possession of the property inside a unit. When this unfortunate circumstance occurs, we will hold storage auctions for the following reasons:

  • To attempt to regain some portion of the money that is owed on back-due rent;
  • To recoup our costs for auctioning the unit property; and
  • To free up the unit so we can rent to a new tenant who is in need of the unit and will pay rent on time.

If we hold an auction and the unit brings more money in than what the tenant owes, we must give all of the money earned (above what tenant owes to Moove In Self Storage) to the tenant.

If the auction brings in more money at auction than what the tenant owes, and we cannot locate the tenant to refund the proceeds, we must send all of the money earned (above what tenant owes to Moove In Self Storage) to the unclaimed property division of the Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut or Massachusetts state government. Moove In Self Storage does not benefit financially from storage auctions.

We, at Moove In Self Storage, never want to auction units at any time. All we ask is that our tenants abide by the terms of the rental agreement they signed.

We hold auctions each month at many locations. Our auctions are also online on where you can bid on available storage units.

Please note, the auction schedule may be altered and is subject to change without notice.

For more information, you can call us at 866-645-1515 or email us.