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Glen Rock, PA Self Storage Units

Storage Units Glen Rock, PA

When you need to find storage units in Glen Rock, PA, you can count on Moove In Self Storage. Find storage today by clicking the link and reserving a storage unit online. (There’s no deposit or credit card needed!) Also, use our convenient size guide if you’re not sure which size storage unit to rent. Once you’re ready, reserve your storage units in Glen Rock, PA, with confidence! We also serve the following areas: Windsor Park, Camp Hill, Orchard Crest, Cumberland Park, and surrounding communities who need storage units of any size.

Moove In Self Storage Features

Storing things in a self storage unit is a big, often back-breaking, stressful task. With Moove In Self Storage units, Glen Rock, PA, making your storage experience easier, faster, less stressful, and more convenient is our #1 goal. To help, we offer the following top features and benefits at our 61 Harvey Ct. self storage facility in Glen Rock.

  • A fully-fenced facility with 24/7 video cameras and a keypad-controlled electronic front gate.
  • Extra-wide aisles make coming and going with a large truck easier.
  • Vehicle storage 
  • Month-to-month rental agreements so you can avoid getting stuck in a long-term rental contract.
  • No deposit is necessary to reserve a storage unit.
  • Online account management and bill payments for convenience.
  • Drive-up storage units to make loading or unloading your storage unit easier and faster.
  • Special deals on select storage units.

What Storage Unit Sizes are Available?

Moove In storage units, Glen Rock, PA, come in a wide variety of sizes to fit your needs perfectly. (Not sure which size is best? Check out our storage unit size guide.) whether you’re a college student storing a single dorm full of stuff or a homeowner storing the contents of your 4-bedroom home, Moove In has a storage unit to fit everything.

5’ x 5’ - Fits content from a single room or dorm room

5’ x 10’ - Fits content from a small studio apartment

10’ x 5’ - Long items will fit in this unit

10 ‘ x 10’ - Content from a 1 to 2-bedroom apartment will fit in this storage unit.

10’ x 15’ - This unit can hold content from a 2-bedroom home. It also will fit a small car.

10’ x 20’ - Mid-size cars and small boats will fit in this unit. A 2 to 3-bedroom home will also fit.

10’ x 25’ - Full-size cars fit in a 10‘ x 25’ storage unit, and it will also fit content from a 3 to 4-bedroom home full of stuff.

Moving Supplies, Packing Supplies, and More

Moving into a storage unit is like moving to a new home because everything needs to be well-packed, wrapped, and otherwise protected. That means you’ll need moving boxes, packing paper, tape, bubble wrap, and other packing supplies. Since you’ll be moving everything, you’ll also need moving blankets, wardrobe boxes, mattress covers, tie-down straps, and a lock to lock your storage unit’s garage door. You’ll be glad to know Moove In carries all those moving and packing supplies and several more. We do it to ensure your valuables stay pristine while stored with us.

Best Tips for How to Pack a Storage Unit

It might not be brain surgery, but packing a storage unit isn’t super-easy, either. You need to pack things well to take advantage of all the storage space you’re renting so it fits inside easily. To do that, below are some of our best storage unit packing tips.

  • Pack it so you can stack it
  • We recommend using boxes instead of bags because bags don’t stack well.
  • Stack heavy things on the bottom and light items as you go up. If you don’t, the stuff on the bottom will get crushed.
  • Stand sofas on their sides.They take up much less space this way. (Put down a layer or two of cardboard or some moving pads to protect it.)
  • Lay flat, lightweight stuff on top of your stacks
  • Stack things 1 row at a time
  • Make a row against the wall of the storage unit and stack it as high as you see fit. Then, start again with the next row then the next.
  • Use shelf units if you plan to go in and out of your storage unit a lot. That way, you won’t have to unstack everything to get something on the bottom of a stack. Plus, you can use clear plastic bins to see everything well.