Safe and Secure Storage

We Know Secure Storage Is Important To You

Your property is very important to you and you want to ensure it is safe when you store it. Don’t worry – it’s important to us as well. We help keep it safe with our secure storage units. We go above industry standards and provide the following at most or all of our facilities.

  • Property Manager On Site. All of our locations have a highly trained and professional property manager on the property during normal business hours. We take secure storage as seriously as you do. Our property managers take several actions daily to ensure the security of our locations, such as: daily review of after hours gate activity; physical inspection of all storage units and surrounding grounds; and control our recording systems to research anything that may have taken place after hours. Our property managers are there to help you.
  • Fencing. Having our locations fenced in keeps out unwanted visitors so you can feel safe while accessing your unit.
  • Tenant ID. We require all of our tenants to provide a photo ID when signing a rental agreement in person, and we ask for a driver's license number when renting a storage unit online. We know who has access to our property at all times and can track down a tenant quickly.

Individually Coded Access Gate. 

  • We require all tenants to enter their individual access code when entering and also when leaving our locations. This allows for efficient tracking of who is coming and going from our properties, and ensures that only actual tenants can be inside our fencing at any time. This feature provides you with safe access to your secure storage unit even after the property manager has left for the day. Gate access hours are 6am-10pm daily.
  • Property Layout. Most of our storage locations are designed and built so that you can see down all the rows of buildings from the main road. This prevents any “funny business” at our locations because someone driving by can see vehicles and tenants while on the property.
  • 24/7 Closed Circuit Camera System. Even when our property managers are not on the property, we have cameras that are recording and saving to a hard drive, so we can review footage if anything were to happen after hours.