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Lancaster, PA Self Storage Units

Everything you Need to Know About Moove In Self Storage Units in Lancaster, PA 

If storing some things, or everything you own is necessary, Moove In Self Storage in Lancaster is the answer. Safe, secure, clean, and affordable, Moove In has 6 Lancaster storage locations serving the public in Lancaster, PA. All 6 offer on-site managers, keypad-controlled front gates, and 24/7 video security. You’ll also find moving supplies, pads, hand-trucks, and other equipment to make moving in and out easy.

The 6 Moove In self storage locations in Lancaster, PA, virtually surround the city. Locations are in the list below, with a note about each location's temperature-controlled units and vehicle storage. (Besides those two features, the rest are equal at each location.)

1. 1250 Shreiner Station Road

Temperature-controlled storage units and vehicle storage.

2. 103 Stone Mill Road

Temperature-controlled storage units and vehicle storage.

3. 220 Centerville Road

Temperature-controlled storage units and vehicle storage.

4. 1391 Vermont Avenue

Vehicle storage.

5. 551 Longfellow Drive

Temperature-controlled storage units and vehicle storage. 

1st Month Free* (*On selected storage units)

6. 1350 New Danville Pike

Vehicle storage.

FAQs about Storage Units in Lancaster, PA

What Can you Store in a Lancaster, PA, Moove In storage unit?

If you’ve never previously rented a storage unit in Lancaster, PA, you might be wondering what you can store? The good news is you can store practically anything in a Moove In storage unit. (With a couple of notable exceptions, which we’ll see below.) For example; you can

  • Store the contents of a spare bedroom you want to repurpose for another activity after becoming an empty-nester.

  • Store the bikes and gear from your bike rental business during the off-season.

  • Store your collection of antiques in a temperature-controlled storage unit to keep them pristine.

  • Store your furniture to keep it clean while your home is being renovated. That includes the kitchen, bath, and addition or a whole-home renovation.

  • Store equipment and tools from your business instead of renting a warehouse.

  • Store everything you own while you search for a new home or apartment.

  • Store a car, boat, RV, or truck. (Check for availability first, please.)

College Students Store with Moove In All the Time

If you’re new to Lancaster, PA, you might not realize how many excellent colleges we have here in town. Some of the best include:

Many college and university students take semesters off to study abroad. When they do, they store their things in a Moove In storage unit. It’s easy, convenient, affordable, and safe. Plus, Moove In only offers month-to-month leases, so you'll never get stuck in a long-term lease.

How can I rent a Lancaster, PA, self storage unit?

The easiest way to rent a Lancaster storage unit with Moove In is by visiting our Lancaster, PA, info page. There you will see all 6 self storage locations in Lancaster. Click on the one closest to you, and you'll find a phone number you can call. Also, you can visit the location closest to you and rent your storage unit in person. All have friendly, knowledgeable on-site managers ready and able to help you.

What size Lancaster, PA storage unit do I need?

Although not extremely difficult, picking the right size storage unit for your needs is essential. You want a storage unit large enough to hold everything with a little extra space. Too small, and you won't fit everything in. Too large, and you might pay more than you need for storage. For help, check out our easy Moove In storage unit size guide.

Can you park a car in our Lancaster storage facilities? 

You can park a car, truck, boat, or RV at all of our Lancaster, PA, self storage locations except one. (Our 1350 New Danville Pike location doesn't offer car vehicle storage.) However, we suggest that you call ahead as vehicle parking spaces rent out quickly.

How much is a storage unit in Lancaster, PA? 

The cost of a storage unit in Lancaster, PA, depends on the size storage unit you need. The smallest, 5’x5’ storage units typically run around $60 per month. As you go larger, the cost per month goes higher. By the way, our 551 Longfellow Drive storage location is running a first-month free offer right now!

Can I buy moving boxes at your Lancaster, PA, storage facilities?

All 6 Moove In self storage locations in Lancaster, PA, sell moving boxes. They also sell a variety of other supplies, including packing paper, bubble wrap, moving tape, moving pads, bungee cords, etc. Whatever you need to make moving in and out easier, Moove In has it!

Do I need climate-controlled storage in Pennsylvania? 

Five of our six locations in Lancaster, PA, offer temperature-controlled storage units. Climate-controlled is actually a misnomer as these units do not control the humidity, only the temperature. They keep it between 50° F and 80° F all year. That means anything stored inside will avoid cold and heat spikes. Do you need temperature-controlled storage in Lancaster, Pennsylvania? That depends on what you’re storing. Antiques, collectibles, and anything affected by temperature spikes probably need it. However, if you’re only storing for a month or two and it's not summer, probably not. The best thing to do is speak with the on-site manager at the Moove In location you choose.

Are there restrictions on what I can put in a storage unit in Pennsylvania?

There are several things that you can never store in a storage unit in Pennsylvania. They include:

  • Fuel and anything inherently flammable

  • Chemicals

  • Gases

  • Pesticides

  • Fireworks

  • Medical waste

  • Live animals

  • People (It's illegal to live in a storage unit in Pennsylvania.)

What is the smallest storage unit I can rent at your Lancaster facilities?

The smallest storage unit you can rent in Lancaster, PA, is 5’x5’. This size works for a small number of items, perfect for college students. The contents of a dorm room, studio apartment, or spare bedroom will (usually) fit in a 5’x5’ storage unit.

What’s the largest storage unit I can rent at your Lancaster facilities?

Our 1250 Shreiner Station Rd location has the biggest storage units available, 10’x35’. However, availability changes daily at all 6 Lancaster, PA, Moove In self storage locations. Depending on the size you need, our other locations might be able to handle it. We recommend calling one of our friendly, knowledgeable, onsite managers who can help you find the size you need

Best of Luck Storing your Precious Stuff!

We hope this information has been very helpful and has answered all your questions. Please see our Self Storage FAQ page for more information about renting a Moove In storage unit in Lancaster, PA.