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Mechanicsburg, PA Self Storage Units

Storage Units Mechanicsburg, PA

When you need to find storage units in Mechanicsburg, PA, click the link or stop by our self storage facility at 5130 East Trindle Rd. You'll find safe and secure storage units in a wide range of sizes to fit your storage needs perfectly. Not sure what size storage unit you need? No problem! Take a look at our storage unit size guide for help! When you're ready, you can reserve a storage unit in Mechanicsburg with no deposit or credit card needed. It will be ready when you arrive, clean, safe and secure.

Moove In Self Storage Features in Mechanicsburg, PA

Moving things into storage can be a lot of work and stress. At Moove In Self Storage, our storage units in Mechanicsburg, PA, offer many excellent features to make your storage experience more convenient, easier, faster, and less stressful. When it comes to storage units in Mechanicsburg, PA, the more features and benefits you can get, the better. Some of the features we offer and their benefits are listed below.

  • A well-lit, fully fenced property has electronic keypad access and 24/7 video security.
  • An on-site manager to help you with any questions you have.
  • Month-to-month rental agreements so that you're never stuck in a long-term contract if your plans change
  • No deposit is required to reserve a storage unit and have it ready and waiting when you arrive.
  • Online account management, including bill payment
  • A wide range of moving and storage supplies are available on the premises for purchase.
  • Convenient dollies and hand carts are available to help you move your things into or out of your storage unit.
  • Drive-up units that make loading and unloading your storage unit much easier.

What Storage Unit Sizes are Available?

When looking for storage units in Mechanicsburg, PA, Moove In offers several of the most common and requested sizes. Many are drive-up units large enough to store a car, truck or boat. From a college dorm room to the contents of a 5-bedroom home, Moove In has the right size storage unit to fit your needs. They include the following:

  • 5' x 5' - Content from a small room or a dorm room
  • 5' x 10' - Content from a studio apartment
  • 10' x 10’ - Content from a 1-bedroom apartment or 1 master bedroom
  • 10' x 15’ - Content from a 2-bedroom apartment
  • 10' x 20' - Content from a 3-bedroom apartment or 2-beroom home. (Medium cars also.)
  • 10' x 25’ - Content from a 3-bedroom home (Larger cars also.)
  • 15' x 15’ - Content from a 3-bedroom apartment or 2-beroom home.
  • 10’ x 35’- Small RVs, Boats, Cars, or content from a 3-5 bedroom home

Moving Supplies, Packing Materials and Much More

Moove In has all the moving and packing supplies you need to make your self storage experience easier. From boxes and packing tape to packing paper, bubble wrap, moving pads, wardrobe boxes, mirrors, and more. Whatever you need to make your move into or out of your storage unit easier, Moove In Self Storage has it, plus the experience to help guide your purchases.

How to Pack a Storage Unit Like a Pro

When packing a storage unit, think of it like a giant jigsaw puzzle. You have to fit things together so they fit snugly, and you take advantage of all the available space in your unit. That makes packing many of your things into boxes a must because boxes stack much better than almost anything else.

For example, trying to stack things packed in duffel bags, garbage bags, backpacks, and so forth doesn't work because they don't stack and just end up making a large mound on the floor. Boxes are a dream when it comes to packing a storage unit.

To save space, consider stacking boxes on top of furniture whenever possible. Large dressers, armoires, changing tables, and so forth have plenty of strength to hold up a bunch of other boxes or smaller pieces of furniture.

If you have help moving into storage and have a sofa to store, putting the sofa stacked on its side on several moving pads is a great way to save space. However, you'll need two or three people to do it, depending on the size of your sofa. Also, remember to stack heavy things on the bottom and lighter things as you go up. That will keep your stacks stable and prevent them from falling over.