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Pittsburgh, PA Self Storage Units

Everything You Need to Know About Self Storage Units in Pittsburgh, PA

When you need self storage in Pittsburgh, PA, Moove-In is always your best choice. Moove-In Self Storage has one self-storage location in Steel City serving the public. We offer safe, clean, and highly secure storage units where you can store almost anything. (Some exceptions are in the notes below for your convenience.)

We are close to the Penn Hills Shopping Center, other local attractions, and colleges like Carlow University. Our smaller units are perfect for students who want to clear up some space in cluttered dorm rooms or to store their belongings over summer break.

You’ll find everything you need to store your things safely with Moove-In. Large keypad-controlled front gates allow you to come and go as you please. There are also 24/7 video security cameras recording everyone who enters and exits. Our Pittsburgh, PA, self-storage location also has an on-site property manager keeping a close eye on things. Plus, it’s well-lit at night and has wide aisles to make driving in with a truck easy-peasy.

Need a convenient drive-up storage unit you can access quickly and easily? We have plenty of them in Pittsburgh, PA! Need moving supplies like boxes, tape, packing paper, and moving pads? We have those for sale in the leasing office! We also have hand trucks and dollies to make your move less stressful.

FAQs About Storage Units in Pittsburgh, PA

What types of things can you store in a Pittsburgh, PA storage unit?

With a few notable exceptions, you can store a wide range of things in a Pittsburgh storage unit. For example, you can:

  • Store the contents of your old home while your new home is under construction.

  • Store a collection of antiques or collectibles of any kind. Lego, action figures, plates, vintage toys, bicycles, dolls, you name it!

  • Store your upholstered furniture while you renovate your home. It will stay dust, debris, and gunk-free in a storage unit.

  • Store patient files, office furniture, rental equipment, or overstock from your business.

  • Store the contents of a single bedroom you’re repurposing after becoming an empty nester. (Hobby room, here we come!) 

What type of rental lease does Moove-In offer in Pittsburgh, PA?

The rental leases we offer for self storage in Pittsburgh, PA are month-to-month leases. We believe folks shouldn’t be stuck in long-term contracts when their situation changes. You can cancel with a 30-day notice, and your contract ends immediately as long as you move out.

Can students attending the University of Pittsburgh use a Moove-In Self-Storage unit?

Students from several Pittsburgh colleges and universities rent storage units for Moove-In all the time. They store their stuff with us when they take off for summer, a semester, or study abroad.

How can I rent a Pittsburgh self-storage unit?

There are two easy ways to rent a self-storage unit in Pittsburgh, PA. The first is to visit our Pittsburgh location page and then click on "Pittsburgh, PA”. That will take you directly to the Pittsburgh page and the location’s phone number. The second method is to visit our Pittsburgh location and meet the on-site manager. They will be happy to help you, answer your questions, and recommend the best storage unit for your specific needs.

What size Pittsburgh, PA storage unit do I need? 

Figuring out what size storage unit you need in Pittsburgh isn't rocket science but does take some planning. The more you need to store, the larger the storage unit you should rent, and vice versa. Before you strain your brain trying to figure it out, check out Moove-In’s storage unit size guide

Can you park a car in our Pittsburgh storage facilities? 

Our Pittsburgh, PA, storage facility has a very limited supply of parking spaces outside for cars. If you have a very small car like a Honda Fit or Nissan Cube, you can store it inside a storage unit. We suggest calling the Pittsburgh self-storage location and asking the onsite manager about car storage beforehand.

How much is a storage unit in Pittsburgh, PA? 

The cost of self storage units in Pittsburgh reflects the size of the unit itself. For example, a 5x5 storage unit will cost significantly less than a 10x30 storage unit. Our 5x5 storage units start at about $60. Right now, however, our self-storage location in Pittsburgh is having a special. The first month is free on selected storage units!

Can I buy moving boxes at your Pittsburgh, PA, storage facilities?

We sell a variety of moving boxes at our Pittsburgh storage facility. Also, we sell tape, packing paper, moving pads, and several other items to make your move less stressful.

Do I need climate-controlled storage in Pennsylvania? 

The question of climate-controlled storage depends on the items you want to store. However, we must note that “climate-controlled” is a misnomer. The units are temperature-controlled. The temperature inside won't go below 50 degrees Fahrenheit or above 80 degrees Fahrenheit. That should protect most fragile items from damage caused by extreme heat or cold. Things like electronics, antique furniture, clothing, upholstered items, collectibles, etc.

Are there restrictions on what I can put in a storage unit in Pennsylvania?

There are several things that you should never put in a storage unit in Pennsylvania. Many of them are illegal, dangerous, or both. They include:

  • Any type of food or a perishable item. 

  • Live animals of any kind.

  • Any type of live plant.

  • Any fuel, chemical, acid, gas, fireworks, or medical waste.

  • Unregistered and non-operational vehicles. (Cars, boats, RVs, motorcycles, etc.)

  • People. It's illegal to live inside a storage unit in Pennsylvania.

What is the smallest storage unit I can rent at your Pittsburgh facilities?

Typically, the smallest rental units you can find in Pittsburgh are 5’x5’. This size storage unit is very small but can still hold quite a few items. For example, the contents of a studio apartment, dorm room, or one bedroom. College students and empty-nesters typically rent this size storage unit.

What’s the largest storage unit I can rent at your Pittsburgh facilities?

Depending on availability, the largest storage unit you can rent in Pittsburgh, PA, is 10’x35’. A 10’x35’ storage unit is bigger than a two-car garage! You could fit an entire 4 bedroom, 3 bath house in a storage unit this size! 

Where are Pittsburgh storage units near me located? 

Moove-In has one self-storage location in Pittsburgh serving the public. The address is:

  • 1134 Universal Rd in Pittsburgh, PA 15235

We hope this information has been very helpful and has answered all your questions. Please go to our Moove-In FAQ page for more information about self-storage in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.