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Meriden, CT Self Storage Units

Storage Units Meriden, CT

Are you looking for secure and cheap storage units in Meriden, CT? Look no further than Moove In Self Storage. We have all the features and benefits you need for an excellent self storage experience. To better understand what size storage unit you need, please look at our storage unit size guide. Then, find storage units near you, and reserve them online with no deposit or credit card required. We serve the areas of South Meriden, Milldale, Middlefield, and any other surrounding neighborhoods/cities.

Moove In Self Storage Features in Meriden, CT

Self storage isn't a walk in the park. At Moove In, we have all the features you need to make your self storage experience easier, faster, more convenient, and less stressful. In Meriden, Connecticut, our location at 73 Chamberlain Highway offers the following excellent features and benefits:

  • No deposit is required to reserve a storage unit, allowing you to prepare for your arrival in advance.
  • A fully-fenced, well-lit property with 24/7 video security and an electronic, keypad-controlled front gate for your security.
  • You can manage and pay your account online for added convenience.
  • Month-to-month rental agreements mean you never get stuck in a long-term contract if your plans change.
  • Packing and moving supplies available, including boxes, tape, locks, packing paper, and much more for sale on-site.
  • Drive up storage units for the ultimate loading and unloading convenience.
  • Dollies and carts are available to help you load or unload your storage unit.

What Storage Unit Sizes are Available?

Our 73 Chamberlain Highway Location in Meriden has a wide variety of storage units available. Many of our storage units are drive-up units for the ultimate self storage convenience.

  • 5' x 5' - Content from a small dorm room
  • 5' x 8' - Content from a regular bedroom
  • 5' x 10' - Content from a Studio apartment
  • 6' x 8' - Content from a regular bedroom 
  • 5' x 15' - Content from a 1-bedroom apartment
  • 5' x 18' - Content from a 1 to 2-bedroom apartment
  • 10' x 10' - Content from a 1 to 2-bedroom apartment
  • 10' x 20' - Content from a 2 bedroom house with a garage.
  • 10' x 25' - Content from a 3-bedroom house with a garage.
  • 12' x 20' - Content from a 3-bedroom house with a garage.
  • 15' x 20' - Content from a 4 to 5-bedroom home.
  • 20' x 20' - Content from a 4 to 5-bedroom home.

Moving Supplies and More

Storing things in a storage unit is much like moving to a new home, which means your things need to be packed and protected just as much as if they were being moved across the country. At all Moove In Self Storage locations, we have a wide range of moving and packing equipment and supplies on hand and ready to use. We've got everything from boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, and wardrobe boxes that protect your delicate clothing. We also have locks, moving pads, mattress covers, and other valuable supplies. Lastly, we provide free four-wheel dollies to make moving into your storage unit easier.

Top Tips on How To Pack a Storage Unit

The key to taking full advantage of your storage unit is to know how to pack things into it correctly. It's not rocket science by any means, but the tips below will be a valuable asset and may save you money by allowing you to rent a smaller storage unit.

1. Pack as much as possible in boxes

Boxes can be stacked, but bags can't. That means the more stuff you pack in boxes (rather than 25-gallon heavy-duty garbage gags), the easier it will be to pack your storage unit.

2. Stacking is your friend

Stacking things is critical to truly take advantage of all the space in your storage unit. (It's why packing things in boxes is so vital.) Stack boxes, stack chairs, stack, stack, stack! The more you can stack your stuff (safely, of course), the more you can fit inside your unit.

3. Always stack heavy things on the bottom and lighter things as you go up

If you put a lampshade box under a box with books or barbells, that poor lampshade is a goner, so be sure to pack it up top with other light stuff.

4. Take large tables apart

When stood on their sides, tabletops take up much less space, and so do their legs.

5. Store sofas on their side on several moving blankets

This is the ultimate space saver if you can make it happen safely.