9 Things to Do in New London, Connecticut

Things to Do in New London, CT

If you’re moving to New London, CT, knowing what awaits you is always a good thing. Is the city known for its food scene? Is the nightlife here jumping or laid back? What about the opportunities to enjoy nature and fresh air? Read on for all of the fun things to do in New London, CT.

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Moving to Baltimore? What to Expect

moving to Baltimore

Are you interested in moving to Baltimore, MD? This article lists everything you need to know. We’re MooveIn Storage, the Baltimore storage unit experts. If you have any questions about storage during your move, chat with us online today. Located on the United States’ northeastern coast, Baltimore is the largest city in Maryland and its … Read more

Living in Huntingdon PA Pros and Cons


Is Huntingdon, PA is right for you? How are the schools in Huntingdon, and what about the costs of living? Is it affordable for retirees or young families? To answer your questions, we put together this list, Living in Huntingdon, PA Pros and Cons. Read on to learn the good and the not-so-good about this … Read more

How to Prevent Mold & Mildew in a Storage Unit


Mold is destructive, unhealthy and causes many household items, like clothes, to smell bad. It can spread, too, especially if you don’t know it’s there. Many a storage unit renter has been surprised by mold because they don’t know how to prevent mold and mildew from living in their units. Mold is a living organism. … Read more

How to Open a Storage Unit Door

how to open a storage unit door

Unlocking and opening the door to your new storage unit is usually a quick, easy task. Occasionally, though, this easy task turns into pain. That’s especially true if you’ve never rented a storage unit before. It’s not brain surgery, but it sure can cause a headache when it happens. To help, the Moove In team … Read more

Things to Do in Lancaster With Your Family

things to do in lancaster

It would be a rank understatement to say that there’s a lot for families to do in Lancaster. Whether toddlers, teens, or seniors, there’s more to see here than you can imagine! Add to that the fact that Lancaster is very family-friendly and you’ll soon be creating many wonderful memories here. Exhilarating, fun, or relaxing, … Read more