Top Tips for Moving to Coralville, Iowa

moving to Coralville Iowa

If you’re thinking about moving to Coralville, Iowa, good choice! Our charming town is rated very highly in almost every area, including schools, jobs, diversity, healthcare, housing, and more. With low commute times, good weather, and exciting nightlife, most people agree that Coralville is a great place to live! If you’re moving sometime soon, now … Read more

Cost of Living in Baltimore, MD

cost of living in Baltimore MD

Baltimore is famous for having one of the most beautiful inner harbors in the country. Not only is Baltimore beautiful, but it is also historic. (It’s the birthplace of the Star-Spangled Banner, our National Anthem.) You’ll also find delicious restaurants and vibrant nightlife here. Not to mention that Baltimore is only a few hours from … Read more

Things to Do in Baltimore, MD

things to do in baltimore md

About an hour away from Washington, DC sits the lovely city of Baltimore, Maryland. The largest independent city in the U.S., Baltimore is also one of the most historic. One in three buildings in the city is on the National Historic Register, more than any other American city. Baltimore offers much more than historic buildings, … Read more

Can I Use a Storage Unit as a Workshop?

Across the United States, people rent storage units to store many different things. That includes household goods such as furniture, clothing, collections, cars, and boats. Business owners also use storage units to store their overstock and equipment. Storage units offer the perfect solution when you have too much stuff to fit comfortably in your home … Read more

Living in New London, CT Pros & Cons List

pros and cons of living in new london ct

Few towns are more diverse, historical, and enjoyable on the East Coast than living in New London, CT. The term “eclectic” fits New London perfectly. The food scene is cutting edge, while some of the buildings you’ll see are throwbacks to the 18th century! Walking the waterfront is a stroll through America’s history even as … Read more

Cost of Living in Pittsburgh, PA – Is It Affordable?

Known worldwide as the “Steel City,” Pittsburgh, PA, is home to 90 unique neighborhoods and has a brilliant skyline and activities. It offers over 12,000 acres of parks and miles of trails for outdoor fun and adventure. The question people moving to Pittsburgh ask most frequently, however, is this; is the cost of living in Pittsburgh, … Read more

Things to Do in Pittsburgh, PA in 2022

Did you know that Pittsburgh, PA, is called the City of Bridges? Considering 446 bridges in the city, it’s not a surprising nickname. What is surprising is how much Steel City (their other nickname) offers. For example, Pittsburgh has the most bars per capita of any city in the United States. Also, thanks to Andrew … Read more

What to Put in Clothes Storage

What to put in clothes storage

If there’s one thing most people have plenty of, it’s clothing. From pants and tops to miniskirts, shorts, dresses, shirts, and more, most of us have a closetful of clothes and might benefit from proper storage. So, you may rent a storage unit in their town to store their ever-growing collection of clothes. If you’re … Read more