Moving To Northampton, MA Guide

For small-town New England living at its finest, few places are as lovely as Northampton, Massachusetts. If you’re moving to Northampton and looking for actionable information about the town like the weather, cost of living, and what to do when you need a moving company to get here, read on! We’ve got those answers plus … Read more

A Guide to York, PA’s Best Local Attractions

View of downtown York, PA

Founded in 1741, York, PA, is one of the oldest and most historic cities in the United States. The city has abundant green spaces, sees gorgeous weather in the summer, and is one of the more exciting cities in Pennsylvania. With a lower cost of living, high diversity level, and many great local attractions, York … Read more

Moving To Lancaster, PA Guide

Aerial view of Lancaster, PA

Deep in Pennsylvania, Dutch country, lies the charming city of Lancaster, PA. If you’re moving to Lancaster and want to know all you can about your soon-to-be new town, you’re in luck! Moove In Self Storage compiled this handy Guide to Lancaster just for you! Read on to discover all the details and delights you’ll … Read more

How to Organize your Storage Room

Having a storage room in your home can be a blessing, especially when you have a large family. Being able to store things out of sight helps you keep your house more organized, neat, and livable.  One challenge many homeowners have is keeping their storage room organized. Let’s face it; wasting 20 minutes every time … Read more

Best Packing Tape for your Next Move

Moving is a stressful experience, no matter how you slice it. However, using the right tools can make it less stressful. One of those critical tools? Packing tape. If you’ve ever packed a box only to have the tape give way, you know how critical good tape is. Without it, the box opens, everything falls … Read more