How to Prevent Moisture Damage Inside Your Storage Unit

As we have all seen so far this year, Mother Nature has been going a bit crazy with the weather. No matter where you live, the weather is changing. We have higher highs and lower lows than we ever before. We seem to get a lot of rain, and some places much more than average … Read more

What If I Get Stuck on the Property After Hours?

You are really making progress organizing your storage unit. You’ve been at the property for hours, but it feels great knowing how much easier it will be to find your belongings every time you visit in the future. It’s summer and it’s still pretty light out, so you think you are fine. You work on … Read more

Taking Advantage of Our Storage Counselors

It’s after 5:30 pm and the rental office is closed. You are sitting at the keypad trying to gain access to the gate at your storage facility. You have a truckload of stuff waiting to be dropped off to your unit. Or it 9:15 am on a Sunday morning when the office is closed, and … Read more

Why You Can’t Store Any Food in Your Storage Unit

There are some major dos and don’ts when using self storage. One of the major don’ts is that you cannot store any type of food in your unit. We actually have this stated in your rental agreement that you sign, and the property manager will go over the rules and regulations when you move in. … Read more

Properly Storing Those Kitchen Appliances

Where do you go with those unused appliances that are taking up so much space? You want to hang on to them because you know how expensive they are; and who knows when someone in your family or a friend may need one. Or, maybe you’re building a new home or moving and it’s not … Read more

What’s Not Allowed to Be Stored in a Storage Unit

If you are using self storage for the first time, or you are a self storage veteran, you may be wondering what can’t be stored inside your self storage unit and why. Let’s review a list of some of the things that you can’t store in your storage unit. This is not a full list, … Read more