How to Store Appliances

shiny appliances on wooden floor with blue wall

When it comes to appliance storage, we have some tips you can follow to keep them in great shape. Depending on your needs, you can store them in a drive-up, temperature control, or an inside access storage unit. If you take some time and follow these basic steps, your appliances can be maintenance-free when you … Read more

How to Organize your Storage Room

Having a storage room in your home can be a blessing, especially when you have a large family. Being able to store things out of sight helps you keep your house more organized, neat, and livable.  One challenge many homeowners have is keeping their storage room organized. Let’s face it; wasting 20 minutes every time … Read more

How to Store a Mattress in a Storage Unit

how to store a mattress in a storage unit

Did you know that people spend a third of their lives sleeping? Given that, you’ll realize the incredible importance of mattresses. Ask any expert, and they’ll tell you a high-quality mattress is vital to a good night’s sleep. A good mattress supports your body and your spine. To protect your mattress to last a lifetime, … Read more

Can I Use a Storage Unit as a Workshop?

Across the United States, people rent storage units to store many different things. That includes household goods such as furniture, clothing, collections, cars, and boats. Business owners also use storage units to store their overstock and equipment. Storage units offer the perfect solution when you have too much stuff to fit comfortably in your home … Read more

What to Put in Clothes Storage

What to put in clothes storage

If there’s one thing most people have plenty of, it’s clothing. From pants and tops to miniskirts, shorts, dresses, shirts, and more, most of us have a closetful of clothes and might benefit from proper storage. So, you may rent a storage unit in their town to store their ever-growing collection of clothes. If you’re … Read more

Does Renters Insurance Cover Storage Units? Yes, Usually!

Does Renters Insurance Cover Storage Units? Yes, Usually!

Question: Does renters’ insurance cover storage units? The short answer; usually yes. When it comes to self storage, most folks store items they want to keep for one reason or another. Some of the stuff people stores has relatively little monetary value but has sentimental or emotional value instead. On the other hand, some things … Read more