Your Guide to Storing Vinyl Records

There a few things you need to know when it comes to safely store sensitive items like your priceless vinyl record collection, precious photographs, and your expensive electronics. We will review the steps you can take to help prevent damage and keep your valuables in tip-top shape while in your self storage unit. Wipe and … Read more

The Dos and Don’ts of Self Storage

Congratulations! You’ve deciding to store your items in a self storage unit. One thing you may not know are the many dos and don’ts of storing. We have come up with this quick reference of self storage tips to help protect your items, the tenants in the neighboring units, and the whole storage property. When … Read more

How the Self Storage Auction Process Works

how do Self storage auctions work

In the age of television and reality shows, the self storage industry has been receiving a lot of attention over the last several years. The show “Storage Wars” has caused people to gain interest in storage auctions. Most people only know what they see on the show, but there is much more to an auction … Read more

Donate Your Storage Unit Contents: What To Do With Your Unwanted Property


So, it’s getting to the point where you are ready to clear out your storage unit, vacate, and donate contents. In opening your unit, you realize there are a bunch of items that you no longer want or have any need to keep. What can you do with these items? Let’s go over some great … Read more

Benefits of Using Wooden Pallets for Storage


Storage units are fantastic! They are very helpful when you are going through a life event of some kind, such as moving, marriage, divorce, retirement and so on; or simply to store unused items or items that are seasonal and not used frequently. That concrete floor of the storage unit is OK in most cases. … Read more

How to Pack Dishes and Glassware for Moving

packing fragile dishes and glassware

Moving can be stressful and one of the main things that might cause the stress is worrying about your dishes or glassware being shattered when you open those boxes. Here are a few tips on how to pack dishes and glassware for moving. How to Pack Dishes & Glassware for Moving Tip #1: Make sure … Read more

The Ultimate Moving Checklist

Moving your entire household from your old home to your new one can be stressful! Here’s an easy to use checklist with moving tips for a smooth transition. Categorize: Take stock in every room, go through every closet, cabinet and drawer. Make the decision on what to keep and what you can discard or donate. … Read more