How to Store a Mattress in a Storage Unit

Did you know that people spend a third of their lives sleeping? Given that, you’ll realize the incredible importance of mattresses. Ask any expert, and they’ll tell you a high-quality mattress is vital to a good night’s sleep. A good mattress supports your body and your spine. To protect your mattress to last a lifetime, we gathered the following tips on how to store a mattress in a storage unit. Whether short or long-term, the tips below will ensure your mattresses stay in great shape. It’s our way of helping you get the rest you need, especially after the stress of moving.

Why Does it Matter How You Store Your Mattress?

It is very important to buy a quality mattress. For example, a good mattress supports your body and your wellbeing. A neutral spinal position reduces pressure points and pain. Fewer pressure points equal less joint pain in the morning and a better day overall. Plus, you’ll wake up refreshed, have more energy, and have a more positive and happy attitude. Knowing this, it makes sense to buy high-quality mattresses for yourself and your family. Of course, high-quality mattresses aren’t exactly cheap. The highest quality mattresses can cost anywhere from $500 to $3,000. The most expensive mattress use hybrid latex materials.

The reason we’re bringing you all of this mattress-related information? Because, at Moove In Self Storage, we see folks store their mattresses with us all the time. Unfortunately, we also see many folks store their mattresses improperly.

At first, that’s no big deal because you won’t see the mattress regularly while it’s stored. (Out of sight, out of mind, as they say.) The problems start when it’s time to take things back out of storage and bring them to your new home. That’s when many folks find that their mattresses are ruined by mold, mildew, insects, and rodents. (Or a combination of all those things.) So let’s find out how best to store your mattress in a storage unit.

how to store a mattress in a storage unit

1. Dry Your Mattress Before You Store it in a Storage Unit

Before you store any mattress, it’s best to let it dry out thoroughly. If you plan to store for more than a few days or weeks, that goes double. Here’s the thing; when you’re sleeping, sweat and body fluids leave your body and get absorbed by your mattress. (If it’s a child’s mattress, urine might be involved, also.)

Yes, the sheets absorb some of those fluids. However, mattresses can absorb a lot over days, months, and years. Also, if you live in a humid area of the country, that humidity can add to the problem. You’ll probably never notice anything in your home with sheets on your mattress. But, after a few months in storage, any moisture can lead to mold and mildew. If your mattresses spend enough time in storage, mold and mildew can accumulate. (It spreads like wildfire!)

So, again, it’s recommended to let your mattresses dry out completely. We suggest taking everything off the mattress and opening the windows. (If it’s dry outside, of course.) If you can do this for two or three days, it will go far in keeping your mattresses immaculate.

2. Clean Your Mattress

If you have expensive mattresses, professional cleaning is an important step. It makes sense to store your mattress in top condition. Professional cleaners will get rid of fluids as well as dust mites, dirt, and stains. Getting rid of stains from food is especially important. Any food soaked into a mattress can attract insects, mice, and other pests, while in storage. Even if the stains don’t attract critters, they can get moldy and gross during storage. (And start to smell awful.)

3. Purchase Mattress Covers to Store in a Storage Unit

Plastic covers are an excellent way to protect your mattress in storage. We suggest purchasing a cover for each box spring, also. (Box springs are important, too!) Mattress covers do an excellent job of protecting your mattresses. For example, they protect against moisture, bugs, rats, dust, debris, and more. Also, with your mattress in a durable plastic cover, you can slide it on floors rather than lifting it. (Folks with back problems will tell you that’s a godsend!)

how to store a mattress in a storage unit

4. For Short-Term Storage, Stand Your Mattress on it’s Side

There are two ways to store a mattress in a storage unit; on its side or lying flat. If you plan to store your mattress short-term, standing it on its side is best. Short-term is anything less than about 2 months. Storing them on their sides won’t damage your mattresses during this short amount of time. And they will take up significantly less space in your storage unit. Any longer, however, and you should refer to the next tip.

5. For Long-Term Storage, Lay Your Mattresses Flat

Plan to store your mattress for more than two months? If so, lying it flat is a better choice. That way, any of the inner workings of the mattress won’t get damaged, especially the coils. Also, when lying flat, your mattress won’t develop any weird indentations. When you lie your mattresses flat, try not to put anything on top of them. Extra weight can cause indentations and problems with the inner mattress workings. We suggest making a layer of boxes and lying mattresses on top of them. (Make the box layer slightly bigger than the mattress.

6. Rent a Temperature-Controlled Storage Unit for Your Mattress

This tip comes with two caveats. First, temperature-controlled self-storage is necessary where the climate can be extreme. Second, it’s best for long-term storage. For one or two months, though, it’s really not necessary. But if you’re worried about your mattresses, temperature-controlled storage is a great choice. It will ensure that heat spikes and cold spikes don’t damage them.

7. Make Sure your Mattresses Survive the Trip Back and Forth to the Storage Unit

Getting your mattresses to storage and back home in good condition is essential. For that, loading your moving truck is important. Want some tips on how to load your moving truck, including your mattresses? If so, this article on how to pack a moving truck will help!

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