Can I Use a Storage Unit as a Workshop?

Across the United States, people rent storage units to store many different things. That includes household goods such as furniture, clothing, collections, cars, and boats. Business owners also use storage units to store their overstock and equipment. Storage units offer the perfect solution when you have too much stuff to fit comfortably in your home or apartment. They can also be invaluable when renovating your home. However, one question many storage unit renters have is this; “Can I use a storage unit as a workshop?” It’s a great question, and the answer is that, yes, you can use a storage unit as a workshop. Indeed, storage units make excellent workshops for many different projects, professions, and hobbies. 

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As you might imagine, there are several caveats and cautions to follow when turning your storage unit into a workshop. (More on that down below.)  Besides those, though, it’s a perfectly fine and fantastic idea. Below we have some excellent workshop ideas you can use to create a functional workshop in your storage unit. To find out more, read on!

The Benefits of Using a Storage Unit as a Workshop

There are, to be sure, many excellent benefits you’ll receive when using your storage unit as a workshop. Below are some of the best, including:

  • You’ll have access to more space than you have at home or in your apartment.
  • Protection from prying eyes and curious hands that enjoy messing with your projects.
  • Less tension with neighbors due to noise, dust, and distractions.
  • You can arrange your workshop in any way you choose.
  • Fewer interruptions from family members, visitors, and delivery people.
  • Your tools, projects, and equipment will be safe and secure 24/7.

Using Your Storage Unit as a Design Workshop

Depending on your profession and hobbies, using your storage unit as a design workshop could be an excellent idea. You can set up your drafting table and chair with lots of extra space to move around. Also, you can store all of your tools and supplies in any way you like for convenient, fast access. Working on your designs from your storage unit gives you peace and serenity, too, and freedom from interruptions. You can even work with a partner if you rent a storage unit large enough. That would make collaborating on a project easier; we think you’ll agree.

Can I Use a Storage Unit as a Workshop?

Using Your Storage Unit as a Mechanical Workshop

Do you repair bicycles, motorcycles, or other mechanical objects? Maybe you design mechanical products and manufacture them using your tools and equipment? If so, using your storage unit as a mechanical workshop would be practically perfect. You can arrange your tools and equipment any way you like, without blowback from your significant other. Need to take a break? No problem. Simply close your storage unit and leave everything as it is. It will be in precisely the same position when you return, ready to get back to work. 

Can I Use a Storage Unit as a Workshop?

Using Your Storage Unit as a Carpentry Workshop

If you’re a professional or amateur carpenter using your storage unit for carpentry projects is a terrific idea. As with other types of workshops, the extra space for all your tools will come in very handy. Plus, there will be more than enough room for all the wood you need for your latest projects. Another excellent benefit is you won’t get sawdust all over everything in your garage or basement. (Or track it into the house and cause stress between you and other family members.) Need ventilation when painting your finished projects? Simply open the storage unit door and let the airflow commence! Plus, if you’re making something for that special someone, keeping it a secret will be a breeze!

Can I Use a Storage Unit as a Workshop?

What Other Workshops Can I Run Out of a Storage Unit?

The term ‘workshop’ is typically used for work activities similar to what we described above. However, you can have other workshops in your storage unit that arent specifically tied to ‘work.’ Below are a few top ideas for alternative workshops you can organize in your storage unit, including:

An Art Studio

If you’re an artist with no space at home to practice your craft, a storage unit offers the perfect solution. Set up your easel (or several of them) and paint to your heart’s content! There are many cost-effective ways to set up your art studio outside of your house. Plus, your painting supplies and tools will be safe from curious kids! 

A Quiet Space for Writing

If peace and quiet aren’t something you find at home, rent a storage unit as your writing space. Set up your desk, play some smooth jazz, and you’ll be ready to write the next great American novel!

As a Home Office (That’s Not at Home)

When is a home office not a home office? When it’s overrun by munchkins, pets, neighbors, and anyone else who doesn’t have any qualms about interrupting your work! Using a storage unit as a home office gives you the quiet space you need to work in peace.

As a Production Studio

Today, many people create videos for YouTube, their websites, Facebook, and other social media sites. If that’s you and you don’t have the space at home, a storage unit makes an excellent video studio! 

Can I Use a Storage Unit as a Workshop?

Some Caveats when Using a Storage Unit as a Workshop

You can’t do several things when using your storage unit as a workshop. Most are for safety reasons, including:

  • Storing any flammable items like gasoline, propane, ammunition, etc.
  • Making permanent changes to the storage unit.
  • You can’t run a business from your storage unit.
  • You can’t invite others to use your storage unit if you’re not there.
  • Living in your storage unit, or even spending a night or two, is not allowed.
  • Using generators to power appliances is not permitted in a storage unit.

In Conclusion

As we’ve seen, there are many ways to turn your storage unit into a functioning workshop for different activities. The benefits of doing so are many, including extra space, quiet, safety, and several more. We’ve seen many folks turn their storage units into fabulous workshops. If you have questions about yours, please chat with us online.

You can also visit the Moove In a location near you and talk to the on-site manager. They can advise you of what you can and can’t do in your storage unit. Plus, what size storage unit will be best for your particular workshop needs. We hope today’s information has been helpful and given you some excellent ideas. If you need help or want to know more, contact Moove In Self Storage today! We also wish you the best of luck setting up your workshop in your storage unit.

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