How to Store Appliances

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When it comes to appliance storage, we have some tips you can follow to keep them in great shape. Depending on your needs, you can store them in a drive-up, temperature control, or an inside access storage unit. If you take some time and follow these basic steps, your appliances can be maintenance-free when you remove them from your self storage unit.

How To Store A Refrigerator

When you want to place your refrigerator in storage for any length of time, you need to complete some prep work first to prevent damage. First of all, be sure to remove all items from the freezer and fridge. Take time to thoroughly clean and dry the refrigerator – make it look like new inside. You may want to leave the doors open for a while to ensure all the moisture has dried completely.

If your refrigerator has water lines for an ice maker or in-door water feature, you will want to drain them completely. Again, let some time pass to ensure no water is left in the lines.

After emptying and cleaning your fridge, it is time to take it to your storage unit. How do you store such a big appliance? You will want to store it standing up, just like if you were using it at home. Laying them down or on their side can cause damage. A good idea is to wedge the doors open slightly to prevent any funky smells. You can use some folded-up cardboard and tape it to the door as a prop. To maximize the space in your storage unit, you can place boxes and bags inside the fridge and freezer. You can also place boxes and tubs on top of it as well. It would help if you placed a large blanket over the fridge to protect the finish.

How To Store A Washer and Dryer

Again, you will want to clean the inside and outside and allow time for everything to dry completely. You also need to drain the hose lines on your washer. For your dryer, be sure to safely secure the gas line to the back to prevent it from being damaged when moving it around. Using shrink wrap around the entire dryer is an excellent way to hold the line in place.

Once your washer and dryer are inside your storage unit, placing a blanket over them to protect the finish from scratches or damage is best. You can store boxes or tubs on top of both to help utilize the space in your storage unit. You can even place small items inside of them both as well. We recommend these tips when deciding how to store any similar appliance.

How To Store A Stove/Range & Microwave

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No one likes to clean their oven, even when it is in your kitchen and you use it most days! But, you must clean it thoroughly if you plan to place it into storage. That means removing all the racks, getting in there, scrubbing, and cleaning the racks and burners, too. Ensure that there are zero food particles or residue left when done. Make sure to wipe the sides clean, too, because food and liquids can easily spill off the counter, and you will see that mess once you pull the stove away from the wall. Smells left attract pests, so clean thoroughly to ensure those unwanted guests don’t ruin your appliances!

Just like with a gas washer, if you have a gas range, you will want to safely secure the gas line to prevent it from getting damaged by or causing damage to other items in your storage unit. Once you have your stove inside your storage unit, you can place boxes or small tubs inside of it and on top of it to save space. It is a good idea also to cover your range with a blanket to prevent scratches or damage.

Your microwave is much easier to deal with. You can wipe it clean with minimal effort. Just be sure to remove the turntable and clean the wheels, glass table thoroughly, interior, and door. Again, let it dry completely before closing the door — we recommend this when deciding how to store any similar appliance. You should cover your microwave or place it in a large box to keep it safe and away from dents and scratches.

How To Store Smaller Kitchen Appliances

While large appliances like fridges and stoves may take center stage, smaller appliances also deserve their moment in the spotlight. They also need care and attention to ensure longevity when storing them.

Blenders, Food Processors, and Mixers:

These handy tools can be tricky with all their components. Start by disassembling any removable parts—thoroughly clean and dry every piece. If you’ve kept the original packaging, it’s a bonus. Otherwise, wrap each part individually, ensuring the motor base is adequately cushioned, given its weight.

Toasters and Toaster Ovens:

It’s the simple things! Flip that toaster over and gently tap out any lingering crumbs. Clean the toaster oven tray and ensure all elements are free from food particles. Once cleaned, wrap them in a plastic or bubble wrap layer to prevent any dust from settling in.

Coffee Machines and Electric Kettles:

These are reservoirs for water, so ensure they’re completely dry. For the coffee machine, run a water cycle to clear out any old coffee residues. Once cleaned and dried, pack them with some cushioning, especially if they have glass components.

Maintenance Checks After Storage:

Before plugging in any appliance post-storage, take a moment to do a quick once-over.

Check and Clean:

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Yes, you cleaned before storing, but double-checking ensures no unwanted surprises. A quick wipe can make all the difference.

Test Before Full Use:

Testing your appliances after taking them out of storage is always good practice. Plug them in, turn them on, and ensure they run smoothly.

Review The Manual:

If you notice something off, a glance at the user manual can save the day. It’s the quickest way to troubleshoot minor issues.

How To Store Outdoor Appliances

Outdoor appliances, given their exposure to the elements, have their unique set of challenges regarding storage. These items often experience fluctuating temperatures, rain, wind, and other natural phenomena. Here’s a guide tailored to their needs.

Grills and BBQs:

Before packing away your grill, ensure you’ve removed all leftover charcoal or ash if you use a charcoal grill. Gas grills should have their propane tanks detached and stored separately. Thoroughly clean the grates and the inner sections of the grill to remove grease and food particles. Once cleaned, consider investing in a weather-resistant cover to shield it from dust and potential rust.

Patio Heaters:

If your patio heater uses propane, similar to the gas grill, detach the propane tank and store it separately. Clean the heater’s surface to remove any outdoor debris or bird droppings—store in a dry location and, if possible, under a protective cover.

Lawnmowers and Garden Tools:

After a season of maintaining your lawn, these tools deserve some TLC. Clean off grass, soil, and any plant residue. For lawnmowers, disconnect the spark plug and drain any remaining fuel. Sharpen the blades of tools like pruners, shears, and hoes so they’re ready for the next season.

Outdoor appliances tip: Consider using rust-preventive sprays or lubricants on metal parts. They offer an extra layer of protection during storage.

Maintenance Checks for Outdoor Appliances:

cleaning a lawnmower outside

Inspect for Rust and Wear:

Outdoor appliances are more susceptible to rust, given their exposure. Regularly check for signs and tackle them early with rust-removing solutions.

Lubricate Moving Parts:

Items like lawnmowers or garden shears have moving parts that can seize over time. A little lubrication goes a long way in ensuring their smooth operation post-storage.

Reconnect Safely:

For any appliance that uses gas or electricity, ensure all connections are secure before turning them on. This will prevent any potential leaks or shorts.

Use Moove In to Store Your Appliances

Many people will never need appliance storage. However, if you are remodeling, moving, or have bought new ones and are saving the old ones for your children, you will need to store them somewhere. They take up a lot of space, so a self storage unit from Moove In is a great option. Following these simple steps will help prevent damage to your appliances and help keep their value. So, when you are ready to remove them from storage, you will have a hassle-free experience! If you need self storage, you can get started by reserving a storage unit online today with Moove In Self Storage!