Moving Guide to West Milford, NJ

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Moving anywhere new is always exciting, which also goes for West Milford, New Jersey. With an eclectic blend of natural beauty, a vibrant community atmosphere, and proximity to New York City, West Milford is easily one of the most enjoyable towns in northern New Jersey. If you’re moving to West Milford sometime soon, the information below will be handy. It’s a moving guide to this charming town brought to you by the storage experts in New Jersey, Moove In Self Storage. Read on to learn everything you need to know about West Milford!

Top Neighborhoods in West Milford, NJ

West Milford is a small New Jersey town with just over 25,000 residents. For that reason, you won’t find a large number of neighborhoods. The 4 below, however, are considered some of the best.

Greenwood Lake- Lakeside living and several outdoor recreation opportunities make this one of the best and most picturesque neighborhoods in West Milford.

Bald Eagle Village- You’ll find a strong sense of community in Bald Eagle Village, a well-established neighborhood with beautiful, tree-lined streets and well-kept yards.

Awosting- Looking for a neighborhood in West Milford that offers gorgeous natural surroundings? If so, Awosting is an excellent choice, as it’s nestled within the breathtaking Bearfort Mountain Preserve.

High Crest Lake- Large, wooded lots and gorgeous lakefront properties are what set High Crest Lake apart from the rest in West Milford, NJ.

The Cost of Living in West Milford

There’s no denying that New Jersey is one of the costliest states in the country. That being said, with a cost-of-living index of 119/100, West Milford is surprisingly affordable. The housing index is a similarly surprising 118/100, 20% higher than the national average, with a median home cost of $378,200. The highest cost index in town is transportation, which sits at 151/100. The reason is that many folks who live in West Milford commute into New York City, which is about as expensive a commute as you’ll find in the US.

West Milford’s Public Education System

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While not the best in the state, West Milford offers a solid public school system and several highly regarded schools. Niche gives Milford a grade of B- for its 17 public schools. The best of them include Morris Knolls High School, the #107 best public high school in New Jersey. (It’s the only public school in town that gets an A.)

The Job Market in West Milford

The job market in New Jersey is strong, and West Milford is no exception. The town offers a mix of opportunities in various market sectors, although it should be noted that many residents commute to nearby New York City. Education, healthcare, and small retail businesses are the crux of the job market in the town itself. At the same time, nearby cities like Wayne and Patterson also provide additional opportunities for well-paying jobs. If you’re looking for a reason to move to West Milford, this might be one of the best!

Weather in West Milford

As with all of New Jersey, West Milford experiences all four seasons. Summertime in town is hot and humid from July through early September. Winter typically brings quite a bit of snowfall and severe cold. In autumn, you’ll be greeted by some of the most beautiful foliage you’ve ever seen. Springtime, while short, is arguably the best season of the year according to residents.

Things to Do in Your New City

You might be surprised how many fun and exciting things are to do, see, and experience in West Milford. For example, you can spend the day swimming and fishing on Greenwood Lake or hike the trails in Bearfort Mountain Preserve. Wawayanda State Park is also nearby and offers superb hiking trails and a wide variety of bird species for bird watchers.

From June through October, West Milford’s Farmer’s Market is an experience not to be missed and features some of the freshest, most delicious produce New Jersey has to offer, as well as artisanal products and crafts. Lastly, Long Pond Ironworks is one of the best places in West Milford to discover its history and the Van Slyke Castle.

What is the Annual Cost to Commute into NYC from West Milford?

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If, like many West Milford residents, you commute into New York City daily, knowing the cost can help you set (and stick to) your budget. There are 2 methods of commuting into NYC via mass transit. They include New Jersey Transit (NJT) trains and buses.

As of 2021 (the latest data available), a weekly pass on NJT’s trains would be approximately $125.00. However, that number is based on several factors, such as peak commute times and available discounts. That extrapolates to roughly $6,500 a year.

NJT buses will cost approximately $65 weekly or $3,380 per year. (Some discounts might or might not apply.) You should check with the NJTA to determine the exact costs, discounts, and other factors affecting your final commuting cost. (It’s best to assume they’ve increased since 2021.)

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