Kitchen Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Looking for kitchen storage ideas for small spaces? You’re in the right place. Here are our top 10 tips for kitchen organization success!

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#1: Rent a Storage Unit for Special Dishware and Supplies

If you have a small kitchen but a big family, a storage unit can be a godsend. You can store dishware, party supplies, chairs, tables, pots & pans, and much more. That way, everything will be ready for use when the next birthday, bat mitzvah, graduation, or holiday arrives. Plus, you won’t have to buy or rent all those supplies every time there’s a family party.

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#2: Go Hook Crazy for Your Small Kitchen Storage

Hooks are genuinely one of the best kitchen storage ideas for small spaces. With a hook, you can hang almost anything from almost anywhere. Towels near the sink, for example, or pots and pans over the oven. A hook can hold baskets for fruit and veggies, or trivets and oven mitts too. Plus, you can put hooks almost anywhere. On the wall, the ceiling, a window sill, and even a shelf. Hooks are super versatile and will give you many more places to keep your kitchen stuff handy! When you’ve got very few drawers and cabinets, go crazy with the hooks!

#3: Use Your Windows as Storage in Your Small Kitchen

Even the smallest of kitchens have windows, and almost all windows have sills. That’s good because window sills are a perfect place to put small items. Plants, for example, as well as spices and small kitchen tools like wine openers. No, it’s not a tremendous amount of space, but every little bit helps in a small kitchen.

Kitchen Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

#4: Hang Up a Pegboard in Your Storage Kitchen Space

Pegboards are, in a word, fantastic! They’re lightweight, easy to hang, and can be painted in any color you like. Plus, you can hang things from them in so many ways! You can make attractive and colorful patterns with your mugs, for example. How about arranging all your best cooking gear for easy access in the thick of preparing a phenomenal meal? With pegboard, you can do that and increase your small kitchen’s storage space exponentially! Pegboard is easily one of the coolest kitchen storage ideas for small spaces!

#5: Don’t Forget the Tops of Your Cabinets for Storage

If there’s space above your kitchen cabinets, don’t let it go to waste. Small items can be stored there, as well as things you only use occasionally. Yes, it’s up high, but every extra bit of storage space counts in a small kitchen. One suggestion; get a good step-stool for when you need to grab something up there.

#6: Use Storage Furniture in Your Small Kitchen Space

A small kitchen demands small furniture that doesn’t hog all the floor space. For example, a drop-leaf kitchen table, which can be easily expanded when needed. Folding chairs you can hang from hooks is also a space-saving and trendy idea!

#7: Repurpose a Small Bookshelf as a Pantry for Storage

When you have a small kitchen without a pantry, a re-purposed bookshelf can sometimes make do very nicely. One that’s not too deep would be best but has plenty of shelves for all your pantry items. You can use them to label jars and store spices in them, for example. Indeed, the extra storage space they provide can sometimes transform a small kitchen!

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This post was originally written on 1/30/2020. It was updated on 9/8/2020.