Reasons Why You Should Live in Mickleton, NJ

Aerial view of a neighborhood during sunset

The lovely town of Mickleton is located in the heart of Gloucester County, New Jersey. Situated about 20 miles southeast of Philadelphia, Mickleton combines suburban living with a strong, community-based culture that’s as diverse as it gets. Are you wondering if living in Mickleton, NJ, will be suitable for you and your family? If so, … Read more

Best Skiing and Snowboarding in Massachusetts

african american man holding skis in the snow

Are you looking for skiing in Massachusetts? Look no further! We’ve compiled the definitive list of the best ski areas, plus some of the best ski shops in Massachusetts. If you’re big into skiing and snowboarding, Mass is a great place. There’s enough snow in Massachusetts to delight even the biggest winter sports fanatic! Even better, … Read more

A Guide to York, PA’s Best Local Attractions

View of downtown York, PA

Founded in 1741, York, PA, is one of the oldest and most historic cities in the United States. The city has abundant green spaces, sees gorgeous weather in the summer, and is one of the more exciting cities in Pennsylvania. With a lower cost of living, high diversity level, and many great local attractions, York … Read more

Cost of Living in Baltimore, MD

cost of living in Baltimore MD

Baltimore is famous for having one of the most beautiful inner harbors in the country. Not only is Baltimore beautiful, but it is also historic. (It’s the birthplace of the Star-Spangled Banner, our National Anthem.) You’ll also find delicious restaurants and vibrant nightlife here. Not to mention that Baltimore is only a few hours from … Read more

Living in New London, CT Pros & Cons List

pros and cons of living in new london ct

Few towns are more diverse, historical, and enjoyable on the East Coast than living in New London, CT. The term “eclectic” fits New London perfectly. The food scene is cutting edge, while some of the buildings you’ll see are throwbacks to the 18th century! Walking the waterfront is a stroll through America’s history even as … Read more