Top Amenities, Attractions, and Things to Do in Stroudsburg, PA

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One thing most folks do when they move to a new town is look for fun, exciting things to do. It’s the same when moving to Stroudsburg, PA, a lovely town 65 miles west of New York City. Rated one of Pennsy’s best places to live, Stroudsburg offers a wide assortment of amenities and attractions. That includes exciting nightlife, many outdoor activities and green spaces, and lots of excellent restaurants, too. If you’re keen on discovering them all, read on! We’ve got the top amenities, attractions, and things to do in Stroudsburg, PA, below for your review!

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Antiquing Excitement- The Olde Engine Works

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Things get cold and wet in Stroudsburg, PA, and stay that way for a few months, it’s true. That, however, is the best time to visit The Olde Engine Works. Not only will you get out of the house, but you’ll get to search unique antiques to your heart’s content! Housed in a renovated historic building, you’ll find 22,000-square feet of antiquities in every size, shape, and color. There’s so much to see and explore you could easily pass an entire afternoon here enjoying everything on display. Even better, The Olde Engine Works is located directly off Main Street and its charming shopping district. Our recommendation: bring the entire family and enjoy one of America’s most charming, attractive, and delightful downtowns!

Food and Fun- Monroe Farmers Market

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A producer-only farmers market, Monroe Farmers Market, has been serving Stroudsburg, PA, for over 40 years! That’s great news for everyone living here as their quality standards are high and their produce and goods top-quality. Vendors must also source a portion of their ingredients locally, which is excellent for local farms. One notable fact about Monroe Farmers Market is that it moves with the seasons. That includes moving indoors during wintertime when the weather outside is frigid. You’re sure to enjoy all the different vendors and their farm-fresh products whenever you visit. Sweet and delicious local produce makes Monroe Farmers Market one of the best things to do in Stroudsburg, PA!

Grown-Up Good Times- Eagles Rest Cellars

The Fetherman family are the proud owners of Eagles Rest Cellars, their stunning 5-acre vineyard, and winery. Incredibly, the vineyard is only a tiny fraction of their overall farm, spanning an impressive 200 acres. To call their vineyard beautiful would be a rank understatement. It’s a lush, verdant, and picturesque location, something you might find illustrated in a good fairytale. Their outdoor wine tasting area is a thrill and has sweeping views of the gorgeous vineyard below. For grown-ups looking to enjoy an afternoon of friendship and camaraderie in a stellar setting, Eagles Rest Cellars is perfect! It’s one of the top things to do in Stroudsburg, PA, for parents!

If you’re desperate for a great first-date idea, we would highly recommend the Gamut Art Gallery. Unlike many stuffy galleries, the Gamut has a wide assortment of cultural artifacts and contemporary art. They also boast an impressive collection of one-of-a-kind items spanning over 140 years! It’s a fantastic place to enjoy art while you get to know someone better. The building itself is also intriguing, by the way. In Stroudsburg’s historic district, you’ll find the Gamut installed under the protection of a nearly 200-year-old slate roof! However, it’s inside where the magic happens, among all the unusual, beautiful, and inspiring artworks. Our suggestion; go during the day, when the sun adds another level of color and enjoyment to the experience!

Exciting Performance Art- Sherman Theatre

If you’re a fan of live performance art and music, Sherman Theatre will be your home away from home. Initially constructed in the 1920s, the theatre has been renovated and today is one of the area’s leading venues. It seats 1200 or, for concerts, 1800 people are allowed to stand. Whatever you’re seeing, the theatre is gorgeous, a throwback to a different generation with beautiful architectural accents everywhere. Various acts and artists perform every year, including several national acts. We highly recommend seeing any live musical act as the acoustics in the theatre are excellent!

History Come to Life- Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm

If touring the picturesque Pocono Mountains sounds exciting, we recommend visiting Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm. It’s located in the heart of the place and open for tours from spring through autumn. You’ll get all the beautiful Pocono sights you want while the farm’s inhabitants impress you with their knowledge and skill! Dressed in clothing from the 1700s, each “resident” of the farm becomes their character, explaining farm life. Many also perform different crafts and tasks while you watch, a fascinating look at life 200+ years ago.

Entertaining Times- Banter’s Hard Cider

Sometimes you need something to imbibe other than beer when you’re having fun with friends. For that, there’s Banter’s Hard Cider. Stroudsburg’s first and only cidery. (Think winery but for cider.) Banter’s offers several delectable ciders on a rotating basis. (We suggest trying all of them in a tasting because there are many fantastic choices.) The ambiance is fun and exciting, the ciders are smashing, and the service is stellar! That makes Banter’s Hard Cider one of the best things to do in Stroudsburg, PA, for adults!

Stroudsburg, PA is Surprisingly Fun and Exciting!

We admit it; we didn’t realize how much Stroudsburg, PA had to offer! As we’ve seen, there’s a lot, including many locations, attractions, and restaurants not on today’s list! When you live here, you’re sure to discover them all!

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