Cost of Living in Baltimore, MD

Baltimore is famous for having one of the most beautiful inner harbors in the country. Not only is Baltimore beautiful, but it is also historic. (It’s the birthplace of the Star-Spangled Banner, our National Anthem.) You’ll also find delicious restaurants and vibrant nightlife here. Not to mention that Baltimore is only a few hours from Washington DC! And you can’t miss the awesome Baltimore Aquarium. So let’s get into the cost of living in Baltimore, MD!

If you’re moving to Baltimore soon, searching for data on the cost of living makes perfect sense. It can help you, for example, decide on a Baltimore neighborhood and new home. If that’s the info you’re looking for, you’re in luck. Below we’ve got real-world data and insight into the cost of living in Baltimore, MD. Read on to make educated, informed decisions about your upcoming move to Baltimore, MD.

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NOTE: We use the national average of 100, the standard for cost indices. A cost of 80/100 would thus be 20% lower than the national average. If it’s 120/100, it’s 20% higher.

Overall Cost of Living in Baltimore, MD

It’s an Affordable City 88/100

The total cost of living index in Baltimore is 88/100, which is 18% lower than the national average. An overall score below the national average is a great place to start. We’ll break down the costs for different major expenses below to give a more in-depth picture. But the main reason Baltimore is so affordable is due to the very affordable housing here!

The Cost of Housing in Baltimore, MD

Genuinely Low 49/100!

Affordable housing can be hard to find nowadays, so make sure to check out Baltimore! The cost of housing here is half the national average! Whether you plan to buy or rent, living in Baltimore is full of fun attractions and amenities at a great price. The median home cost in Baltimore, MD, is genuinely affordable at $175,500. But keep in mind that Baltimore’s wealthier neighborhoods will be much more expensive.

Neighborhood in Baltimore

Grocery Costs in Baltimore, MD

Average 98/100

Everybody has to eat, so grocery costs are an important factor in the cost of living. In Baltimore, you’ll pay a smidge less than the average American for groceries. That’s not a game-changer, but even a 2% savings can help in today’s economy. Even 2% can mean saving $160 a year for the average family.

Baltimore Transportation Costs

Expensive 124/100

One of the highest costs in Baltimore is the cost of transportation. A score of 124/100 means you’ll pay almost 25% more than the average city when getting around. Depending on whether you commute or work remotely, that could be significant. Gas prices are considerably higher, and the cost to maintain your vehicle is higher too. As for commuting times, since so many folks commute into Washington, DC, every day, it’s terrible. You’ll spend over an hour a day staring out your windshield as you go back and forth to work in Baltimore, MD!

View of park in Baltimore

Healthcare Costs Living in Baltimore

10% Less Costly 90/100

The healthcare system in Baltimore is widely believed to be one of the best in the county. As a result, healthcare costs are 10% lower here. For retirees or young families, affordable healthcare is a must-have! In Baltimore, you’ll pay 10% less for annual checkups, dental care, emergency room visits, and other medical services. (Less financial stress is good for your health, also!)

Cost of Utilities in Baltimore, MD

Higher than Average 107/100

It gets cold in Baltimore in the winter and hot and humid in summer. So, you’ll probably want to have affordable heat and AC living here. Unfortunately, utility costs in Baltimore, MD are higher than average. While utility costs in Baltimore aren’t ridiculous, they are 7% higher than the national average. That could equate to a significant extra monthly cost, depending on the time of year. One bit of good news is that spring and autumn in Baltimore are lovely. You’ll be able to live with the windows open for a few months and lower your utility use.

Cherry blossom trees with buildings in the background

Miscellaneous Goods Baltimore, MD

About Average 98/100

Miscellaneous costs like haircuts, new clothes, and electronics are less expensive in Baltimore. Yes, that’s good, but it’s not going to make a huge difference for most families who live here.

cost of living in Baltimore MD

Baltimore, Maryland is an Affordable American City

There’s no denying that Baltimore, MD is more affordable than many similar cities. Housing costs make it so (although they do skew the numbers a bit). If you’re moving to Baltimore, be sure to do your due diligence when house shopping. It will pay off big time if you do.

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