3 Reasons Why People Move to New London, CT

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On America’s northeast coast, about 2 hours north of New York City, lies the charming seaport town of New London, Connecticut. The revered Coast Guard Academy of the United States makes its home here in New London, a city that, small as it might be, was once the 2nd-largest in America’s whaling industry. If you’re moving to New London, the information below should be helpful. It’s a list of the 3 reasons why people move to New London, CT, along with other juicy tidbits, tips, and info. So, if New London is soon to be your new home, read on!

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Moving to New London, CT

Moving to New London is no more difficult than moving to any other American city. But, of course, moving isn’t easy, so preparing to move to new London as far in advance as possible is recommended. Below is a quick moving checklist of the most important tasks you need to complete before leaving your old home and moving to New London, CT.

  • Rent a truck or find and hire professional movers
  • Pack your things (or have packing included in your moving services)
  • If you pack yourself, get packing supplies
  • Cancel utilities in your old home and have them turned on in New London (if you have a home or apartment already arranged)
  • Gather all your important paperwork together. (Take them with you to New London personally if possible.)
  • Find a new place to live in New London
  • Rent a storage unit if needed

Is New London a Nice Place to Live?

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Depending on your perspective, New London can be a fantastic place to live or, possibly, a little lacking. For example, if you’re young, have no kids, are adventurous, and love the outdoors, New London will be fantastic. The nightlife is exciting, the population is younger, and the opportunity for adventure outdoors is off the charts! It’s one of the best small towns on the east coast.

However, New London might not be the best choice if you have a family with small children. The reason why can be summed up in three words: deficient public schools, especially the high school. Unfortunately, New London gets a D- from Niche, which any student will tell you is not a good grade. (That’s especially true compared to Norwich or Groton, two similar Connecticut towns.) Also, jobs are relatively scarce in New London, housing is difficult to find, and home values are a bit inflated. (Property taxes are relatively low, however.) Again, depending on your lifestyle and family unit, New London might be a treat or a bit lacking. To find out more, check out our blog on the Pros and cons of moving to New London.

Reasons Why People Move to New London

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Below is the information you’ve been waiting for, the 3 reasons people move to New London, CT! There are more than three, truth be told, but the three we’ve picked are the best!

1. Coastal Living at its Finest

Sure, you might be able to swim year-round in Florida, but very few places in the Sunshine States compare to New London for spectacular coastal living. The Connecticut coast is rich in heritage and in wildlife, and both are on display in New London 365 days a year. So if a fascinating life near or on the Thames River is what you seek, New London county is a magical place. 

2. Nightlife

Although it might surprise some, many people move to New London for the fantastic nightlife it offers, including the town’s thriving craft beer scene. Although small, New London has a dense restaurant and bar area with a large variety within easy walking distance. Those who crave the coast and love the night make a beeline for New London every year.

3. The Culture

What’s truly amazing about New London, CT, is that this small town nestled on the east coast is so full of history and fascinating things to see, do, and experience. Along with the beautiful beaches, you’ll find museums, an arboretum, New London’s picturesque harbor, and Fort Trumbull State Park. Then there’s the Historic Waterfront District with a bevy of excellent restaurants and eclectic shops.

What is the Cost of Living in New London?

The cost of living in New London, CT, is surprisingly affordable. Best Places gives the town a score of 92.1, about 8% lower than the national average. You can thank housing for the low-ish score as it gets a 74 rating, 26% lower than the US average. Below are the rankings for all 8 of the major cost indices in New London, CT.

Overall – 92.1

Groceries – 103.9

Healthcare – 112.3

Housing – 74 (Excellent)

Utilities – 114

Transportation – 82.1 (Excellent)

Median Home Cost – $215,900

Make Moving a Breeze with Moove In

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