Moving To Lancaster, PA Guide

Aerial view of Lancaster, PA

Deep in Pennsylvania, Dutch country, lies the charming city of Lancaster, PA. If you’re moving to Lancaster and want to know all you can about your soon-to-be new town, you’re in luck! Moove In Self Storage compiled this handy Guide to Lancaster just for you! Read on to discover all the details and delights you’ll find in Lancaster!

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Relocating to Lancaster, PA

If you’re coming from a long distance, you’ll likely need competent movers and an excellent moving company to get to Lancaster. However, full-service moving assistance doesn’t grow on trees and must be arranged well before your moving dates, especially for a long-distance move. Below are 3 moving checklists to help make your move to Lancaster less stressful.

Hiring a moving company 

  • Start planning your move 4 to 6 weeks ahead of time.
  • Call 3 or 4 moving companies and get estimates
  • Choose a mover and lock in your packing, loading, and unloading dates

Getting your stuff ready

  • Sell, donate, or toss anything you don’t need, use, or want
  • If you are packing yourself, start packing 4 to 6 weeks ahead
  • Have a yard sale

Gather necessary paperwork and documents

  • Medical files
  • School transcripts
  • Vehicle titles
  • Marriage, professional, and business licenses
  • Any other essential docs

Other things to do, prepare or arrange

  • Disconnect utilities
  • Reconnect utility in your new home
  • Register your children in their new school
  • Find storage in Lancaster

What are the Best Neighborhoods in Lancaster?

Lancaster has many beautiful, safe, and inviting neighborhoods, all of which would make an excellent choice and a great place to live and work. Below are 9 of the best Lancaster neighborhoods in terms of rankings, but do look around, as there are several others.

  • Landisville (#2)
  • Salunga
  • Manheim Township (#1)
  • Strasburg
  • Millersville
  • East Petersburg
  • Leola
  • Mountville
  • Downtown Lancaster City

Pros and Cons of Moving to Lancaster

Central market building exterior with large building in the background

Like all American cities, Lancaster has many pros and a few cons you’ll want to know about before moving here.

Pros of moving to Lancaster

  • The town is rated highly for families
  • The cost of living in Lancaster is lower than the national average
  • Lancaster is a diverse, multicultural town
  • The Summer Comfort Index in Lancaster is 8.7, which is excellent
  • There are plenty of jobs in Lancaster
  • There are many activities to enjoy in and around Lancaster
  • The commute time in Lancaster is very short
  • Lancaster county has an abundance of green spaces to enjoy
  • Lancaster has a thriving arts scene, including the Fulton Opera House
  • At least 1 high school in town is rated A+
  • Ephrata and its history are very close

Cons of moving to Lancaster

  • The winter comfort index in Lancaster is an uncomfortable 5.3 because it’s long, snowy, and bitterly cold
  • Both violent and property crime rates are higher than the national average
  • Healthcare costs 12% more than the U.S. average

What is the Cost of Living Like in Lancaster?

You’ll be pleased to know that Lancaster’s cost of living index (aka score) is 91.3, just over 8 points less than the national average. Housing and real estate costs are the reason for this good score. The housing cost index is 73, a hearty 27 points below the U.S. average, and the median home cost is $171,000, almost half the national average. 

Most other cost indexes are at, or slightly above, the country’s average, with the result being that Lancaster is slightly more affordable overall than comparable U.S. towns. In other words, it’s not the cheapest town in America but far from the most expensive. 

Below are the 8 major cost indices for Lancaster compared to other towns. (Remember that the national average is 100, so a number above 100 is higher than the national average and vice versa.)

  • Overall- 91.3 (Not bad)
  • Groceries- 102.7
  • Healthcare- 112.2
  • Housing- 73 (Excellent)
  • Median Home Cost- $171,000
  • Utilities- 104.3
  • Transportation- 90.1 (Not bad)
  • Miscellaneous Costs- 113.2

What is Lancaster, PA, Known For?

Historically, Lancaster was the biggest producer of Conestoga wagons and Pennsylvania long rifles after the Revolutionary War and is the boyhood home of Milton Hershey, the founder of Hershey’s Chocolate. If there’s one thing Lancaster is known for around the country, and the world, it’s the center of Pennsylvania Dutch Country and home to the Amish. Of course, you can’t forget that Lancaster is in the middle of one of the greenest, lushest areas in the United States, has a thriving art scene, and offers some of the finest food in this part of the country.  

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