Living in New London, CT Pros & Cons List

Few towns are more diverse, historical, and enjoyable on the East Coast than living in New London, CT. The term “eclectic” fits New London perfectly. The food scene is cutting edge, while some of the buildings you’ll see are throwbacks to the 18th century! Walking the waterfront is a stroll through America’s history even as we’re one of the country’s Best Green Cities. In other words, new and old coexist beautifully here, giving New London, CT, a unique vibe that’s very attractive indeed.

Like all American towns, though, New London, CT has a few flaws to go with its strengths. Knowing those flaws can be useful if you’re moving here, especially when choosing a neighborhood to call home. To help, we gathered the following list of noteworthy pros and cons of living in New London, CT. It’s filled with our good and not-so-good qualities to give you a well-rounded view of the place. If that’s the real-world info you’re searching for today, read on!

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PRO: Overall, Living in New London, CT is Affordable

Living costs aren’t exactly affordable in this part of the country, primarily due to housing and transportation. However, in New London, both are below the national average, keeping the cost of living on the low side. Housing, for example, is a genuinely affordable 69/100, 31% lower than the American average. Transportation costs are 82/100, nearly 20% lower. Both help to give New London, CT, an overall cost of living index of 89/100, which is unquestionably affordable.

CON: But… the Utilities Are Expensive

New London, CT, has hot, relatively humid summers and frigid, windy winters. That means you’ll be running the A/C and heat quite a bit during both seasons. The problem? Utilities in New London, CT, are 14% higher than the U.S. average. That’s a substantial amount that can make monthly utility bills hard to swallow for many families.

PRO: There Are Short Commute Times in New London, CT

Commuting is a pain for many Americans, it’s true. Time spent staring out a windshield is, unfortunately, time wasted for most commuters. In New London, though, you’ll waste less time as our commuting time is a reasonable 18 minutes. That’s about 8 minutes less than the national average. Not much, you say? How about 16 days a year? That’s the amount of time you’ll save commuting in New London, CT! Over two weeks less spent on the road, a vacation’s worth of time!

CON: Winter is Frigid Living in New London, CT

The mighty Atlantic Ocean is unforgiving in this part of the United States, especially in winter. The wind whips off the water and cuts through New London like a knife. We get six months of significant snowfall here, making snow shovels and snow blowers must-have items. Many folks here rent New London, CT storage units to store their winter tools, gear, and sporting equipment. It’s an easy, affordable way to keep them safe, clean, and ready for the next significant snowfall.

pros and cons of living in new london ct

PRO: Life in New London, CT is Fun & Interesting

Few towns in the U.S. offer more fun and exciting things to do than New London! The beaches here, for example, are spectacular. Fishing? The opportunities are almost endless, as are the variety of fish! Water sports in summer are fantastic, too, with skiing, snorkeling, kayaking, and kitesurfing, among several others. New London also has all sorts of fabulous festivals throughout the year, including:

  • Sentinels on the Sound (July)
  • Sailfest (July)
  • Fish Tales, Tugs & Sails (July)
  • Nimble Arts Summer Circus (August)
  • Caribbean Night Festival (August)
  • Connecticut Maritime Heritage Festival (September)
  • Connecticut BBQ Fest (September)
  • Fall Food Stroll (October)
  • Halloween Town (October)
  • Harvest Festival (October)
pros and cons of living in new london ct

CON: The Public Schools in New London Need Some Help

There’s no way to sugarcoat the fact that New London’s schools are mediocre. Our highest-rated school, Robert E. Fitch High School, gets a B+. That’s not bad, but there’s only one other with a B, and the rest (all 9 of them) get C’s. What does that mean for families with school-age children? Choosing the right neighborhood in new London, CT, is a must.

PRO: The Food Living in New London, CT is Sensational

If fresh seafood is your passion, that passion will be on fire in New London, CT! In this part of America, the seafood choices are superb, especially when it comes to lobster. Local fishing boats bring in their fresh catch daily, which also helps keep prices affordable. Below are some of the top restaurants in New London to satisfy your belly (and your soul), including:

We Think Living in New London, CT Is a Great Idea!

Frigid winters aside, New London, CT, is a wonderful town with many excellent amenities and an affordable living cost. Fresh air, fantastic people, and delicious food combine to make this a great place to live, work and enjoy life.

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Questions about renting a self-storage unit in New London, CT? Please chat with us online or drop by one of our two locations! The on-site manager will help you choose the storage unit in New London, CT, that fits your needs perfectly. Until then, we wish you a safe and speedy move to our historic, charming town. Once you’re settled in, we’re sure you’ll love your new life in New London!

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This post was published on 5/2/2021. It was updated on 1/24/2022.