The 4 Best Ski Resorts in New York State

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As winter comes to New York, the entire state transforms into one of the country’s best places for skiing and snowboarding. From the Adirondacks to the Catskills and many places in between, New York offers a variety of fantastic skiing experiences for every skill level.

Whether you’re new to skiing and snowboarding or a seasoned expert, if you’re looking for the best ski resort in New York State, the information below will be perfect! It’s a list of the 4 best ski resorts in the state, brought to you by the winter gear storage experts at Moove In Self Storage. You’ll also find actionable tips on how to store your skis and snowboards, the best time of year to go skiing in New York, and more below!

The 4 Best Ski Resorts in New York

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1. Hunter Mountain

One of the best reasons to ski at Hunter Mountain is that they’ve got the most extensive snowmaking system in the state, ensuring you’ll always have optimal skiing conditions. The terrain at Hunter Mountain caters to all levels of skiers and snowboarders, with a dedicated area for beginners, as well as several “black diamond” trails for skiing and snowboarding experts. Because of their innovative terrain parks, Hunter Mountain is also considered the top ski resort for snowboarders.

2. Whiteface Mountain Resort

This fantastic resort, nestled in the Adirondacks, has the highest vertical drop on the East Coast! The resort also features nearly 300 acres of skiable terrain, from gentle slopes for beginners to expert trails that thrill even the most advanced snowboarders and skiers. By the way, Whiteface Mountain was the site of the memorable 1980 Winter Olympics, offering world-class facilities and views that will take your breath away!

3. Windham Mountain Resort

The best word to describe Wyndham mountain resort is “luxurious”. Located in the Catskills, the resort offers 54 superb trails and 6 terrain parks for snowboarders. If you’re a beginner in either sport, you’ll be glad to know that Wyndham also emphasizes teaching, making it the perfect place to learn new skills or improve your skills. At the end of a long day on the slopes, one of the best reasons to stay at this 1st-class resort is because they surround you with luxury and make your relaxation their #1 goal.

4. Gore Mountain

One of the largest ski resorts in New York is Gore Mountain, which has more than 110 trails! Known for the beautiful scenery of the Adirondack mountains, this is a resort for those who love to explore while they have skis or a snowboard strapped to their feet! The resort offers a fantastic mix of terrain and is one of the best for cross-country skiers. You’ll find plenty of trails for beginners and experts alike and unique terrain that few other ski resorts offer.

What’s the Best Time of Year to Ski in New York?

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The best time of year to ski in New York aligns with the winter months for this part of the United States. Most resorts open in late November and stay open until early April, but it depends on the amount of snowfall seen during any particular year.

There’s no doubt, however, that January and February are usually the best months for those who love skiing in “powder”. If you’re a fan of skiing in milder weather, March can often be an excellent time to visit a New York ski resort.

Tips for Storing Skis and Snowboards

Snow skis, snowboards, and all the other gear needed to stay safe and have fun on the slopes can be expensive. For that reason, storing everything well during the off-season is a must. Below are several excellent tips for storing skis and snowboards that will ensure they stay pristine and ready to go next season.

1. Clean and Dry Your Gear Before Storing It

Even though snow is made with fresh water, your skis and snowboards can get covered with dirt, grime, and even salt. For that reason, cleaning them thoroughly with a soft cloth and mild soap is a good idea. Once you’re done, let everything dry out thoroughly before storing it to prevent rust and damage to your board/skis.

2. Use Storage Wax to Protect Your Skis and Snowboards in Storage

Applying a layer of “storage wax” to your skis or snowboards is a great way to prevent them from drying out. With this type of ski wax, however, you don’t need to scrape it off after you’ve applied it; you can leave it on through the winter months instead. Snowboard wax will prevent oxidation and rust.

3. Loosen the Bindings

Adjustable bindings have springs which, if left tightened, will reduce their lifespan significantly. It’s better to loosen them before storage, with a note that you need to readjust them next season.

4. Use a Breathable Storage Bag

Many folks use a storage bag to store their snowboards and skis, which is a good idea. However, it’s best to find a bag that’s breathable so that any moisture left on your equipment will be able to evaporate.

5. Store Your Gear in a Cool, Dry Location

Multiple skis hung on a rack

Maybe the most important tip for storing skis and snowboards is to store them in a cool, dry location. Many avid skiers and snowboarders choose a climate-controlled storage unit for their precious gear and equipment because it keeps the temperature stable and the moisture low throughout the off-season.

Final Thoughts about the Best Ski Resorts in New York

We hope the tips and information provided today have given you the detailed information you were looking for! Here at Moove In Self Storage, we have several self storage facilities in the Empire States, ready to safely store all of your winter gear. (We also have Connecticut, Delaware, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania locations!)

When you’re ready, you can reserve a storage unit in New York online, and it will be prepared when you arrive. Until then, have a fantastic time out on the slopes, and enjoy everything the ski and snowboard scene in the Empire State has to offer!