The Pros and Cons of Living in Glenmont, NY

Skyline view of Albany New York during the night time

In the heart of Albany County sits the charming suburb of Glenmont, New York. Glenmont offers an inviting mix of suburban tranquility and serene neighborhoods with top-rated schools and a helpful proximity to Albany, New York. Of course, like all American cities, Glenmont has a few blemishes along with its beauty. If you’re moving here and want to know the good and the bad, read on. The following pros and cons of living in Glenmont, New York, should prove quite helpful.

The Pros of Living in Glenmont, NY

Tranquil Lifestyle

One of the main draws of living in Glenmont is the town’s suburban tranquility, beauty, and relaxed vibe. This is truly a peaceful area of New York and is ideal for young families and those looking for a quiet, relaxing lifestyle. It helps that many of the homes here have spacious yards, and there are plenty of green spaces to enjoy.

Low Crime Rates

In this part of New York, the crime rates are much lower than most cities and quite a bit lower than the national average. Glenmont Is 50% lower in terms of violent crime than the United States average and about 40% lower in terms of property crime. In short, Glenmont is a safe place to live and a great place to raise a family.

Highly-Rated Schools

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Glenmont is served by the Bethlehem Central School District, which consistently ranks as one of the best in the state. When you live in Glenmont, you’ll have access to high-quality education and top-notch extracurricular activities. Glenmont Elementary School, for example, gets an A and is the #1 best public elementary school in the Albany metro area.

Varied Housing Options

Glenmont offers a wide variety of housing options, including new developments, single-family homes, townhomes, and apartments. There are also several historic homes with a lot of character and opportunities to work on your DIY skills.

Plentiful Opportunities for Outdoor Activities

Thanks to its proximity to the Hudson River, as well as numerous parks, you’ll have plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities when you live in Glenmont. Those include things like biking, hiking, water sports, motocross, and more. During winter, Glenmont is also within driving distance of several excellent ski resorts.

A Strong Job Market

Although the job market in Glenmont is less extensive than in other cities, as a resident, you’ll benefit from a decent variety of job opportunities. Also, because Albany is close by, the opportunities are even more extensive, including in the healthcare and education sectors. You’ll be glad to know that the commute into Albany (as long as the weather is calm) is about 22.5 minutes one way.

An Affordable Cost of Living

Although you would be hard-pressed to describe Glenmont as an “inexpensive” place to live, it’s affordable compared to many other cities in the northeast. With a cost of living index of 99.3/100, Glenmont is a whisper shy of the national average. Housing costs are 108/100, which is surprisingly low for this part of the country.

The median home cost in Glenmont is just under $400,000, about $70,000 more than the national average. Three of the highest costs you’ll run into here include utilities, healthcare, and miscellaneous costs. Again, however, with a cost-of-living index of 99.3/100, it can easily be said that Glenmont is an affordable place to live.

The Cons of Living in Glenmont, NY

Cold Winter Weather

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There’s no denying that the winters in Glenmont are long, cold, and often miserable. When you live in Glenmont in the winter, you tend to stay inside a lot more, plan your daily outings more precisely, and keep an extra stock of food on hand in case of blizzards that prevent you from going out. Springtime is short but refreshing in Glenmont, while summer is quite pleasant, and fall can be spectacularly beautiful when the leaves start changing colors.

Limited Public Transportation

Although many people who live in Glenmont commute into Albany, they don’t do it with public transportation. That’s because there’s very little to come by, including a lack of bus and train services. Most residents would agree you need an automobile to live a good life in Glenmont.

Crowded Schools

One of the drawbacks of having top-rated schools is that everyone wants to send their kids to them. That can lead to overcrowding, possibly affecting your child’s ability to get an excellent education. You should also be aware that, because of the demand, there’s high competition for enrollment at many of the best Glenmont schools.

Traffic Congestion

Glenmont is the definition of a small town and not one you would think would have a lot of traffic. However, the traffic into and out of Albany can often be highly congested and, in winter, a big mess. Traffic around the town of Glenmont, however, is typically light and easy to navigate.

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Until then, we hope the list of pros and cons of living in Glenmont, New York, has given you some insight and valuable information on this lovely town.