Why You Can’t Store Any Food in Your Storage Unit

There are some major dos and don’ts when using self storage. One of the major don’ts is that you cannot store any type of food in your unit. We actually have this stated in your rental agreement that you sign, and the property manager will go over the rules and regulations when you move in.

People often overlook storing food as something that isn’t a big deal because they don’t understand or even think about all the bad things that can happen. Think about when a kid drops a lollipop on the ground for a moment. Bugs, bugs and more bugs end up on that lollipop within minutes. Even if the lollipop is dropped while still in the wrapper, those critters can sniff it out and will find it.

Bringing any food into a storage unit is opening up your unit to all sorts of unwanted pests. Mice, ants and other unwanted bugs and critters will now be drawn to that food, and your storage unit. You may think that you have stored something away so nothing can get at it; but with pests they usually find a way. There really is no perfect method to keep pests away from food.

Storing food will also affect your neighbors’ storage units and even the entire storage property. Pest and rodents alike can cause serious damage to your belongings. Mice are willing to chew through just about anything to get the prize that is on the other side – and that includes plastic! Small pests like ants can squeeze into the tiniest of openings, even when you think there is no opening. If mice visit your storage unit because of the food, they now have a food source and also shelter. They will very quickly start using your belongings as a home, meaning they will chew them up to make them comfy, and start leaving their droppings all over. The same goes for ants. They live in colonies of thousands and thousands, and relocate their nest to the nest possible spot. If they find food and shelter inside your storage unit, you can have ants literally everywhere in a matter of days. They will stay close to the food source, and damage will start adding up quickly.

Those mouse droppings now inside your boxes, on your furniture and inside any place mice find cozy will spread all that bacteria they carry around. That means your children’s toys, your extra clothes, your antique dresser and that beautiful couch are now infected. Mice spread diseases, and even they can even spread other pests like fleas, ticks and lice onto your valuables. That leaves you open to becoming ill, especially your children who are more susceptible. And think about how upset you would be if mice chew holes in every drawer of your great-grandmother’s antique dresser that was passed down to you. There is no good way to repair that damage, and you certainly cannot replace something with sentimental value very easily.

Then think about how quickly mice can reproduce. An average mouse will have a litter of six to eight babies, five to ten times each year. Then the babies have babies, and their babies have babies…and an infestation of hundreds and even thousands of mice will become out of control before you know it.

Food also expires; no food lasts forever. If you forget you have old food inside your storage unit, the smell of rotting and spoiled food will quickly become overwhelming. There will also be a terrible mess that you would be responsible for cleaning up as it decays. That smell is awful for you and me, but it is the sweet smell of a buffet to pests! If they somehow didn’t find the food before, they will certainly find it now that it smells so badly.

None of these are good things. In fact, they are downright disgusting and potentially very dangerous to you and other tenants.

These are the reasons why we do not permit any food being stored inside your storage unit or on the property at any time. That includes any type of food; boxed or canned food, bagged food, pet food, baby food…you name it and it is not allowed. If you or another living thing can eat it, it is not permitted.

We take extra precautions at Moove In Self Storage to help prevent pests on the entire property at every location. We have contracts with pest control companies to come spray and treat the grounds, inside and outside all buildings and along the perimeter of the facility regularly. But that will not be as effective if you break the rules and store items that are not allowed, such as food. And if you notice what you think may be a pest issue, please always notify the property manager so they can take the necessary steps to get the problem under control.