The 7 Best Neighborhoods in Lancaster, PA, to Live, Work, and Play

Moving to Lancaster, PA? If yes, that’s a fantastic choice! Lancaster is consistently ranked one of the best small cities in the U.S., rich in history, architecture, and amenities. Lancaster is one of the top American cities to visit, relax and have fun. It’s also genuinely diverse, with an eclectic mix of cultures that makes the city fairly unique. Some would say, however, that the best thing about Lancaster is its location. The cities surrounding countryside makes for a great view on a Sunday drive. So, as we said, it’s a fantastic choice if you’re moving here!

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Before enjoying Lancaster’s charm, you’ll need to find a nice place to call home. There are 36 neighborhoods in Lancaster, and they all have unique differences. Finding a community that fits your needs to a “T” is essential, especially if you have children still in school. Below you’ll find our list of the 7 best neighborhoods in Lancaster, PA.  Read on to discover the top neighborhoods in one of America’s best small cities. 

1. Manheim Township

What do you get when you combine the excitement of Lancaster’s downtown with the tranquility of the Dutch countryside? The answer is Manheim Township, which sits on the city’s southern end. This neighborhood is also one of the best for families. The commute time is next to nothing, and some of Lancaster’s highest-rated schools are here! As with most of Lancaster’s communities, the housing prices in Manheim Township are surprisingly affordable. If an exciting location near downtown with country amenities is what you desire, Manheim Township is a great choice.

2. Salunga

Just outside of Lancaster, PA sits the lovely neighborhood of Salunga. One of the more prominent communities in the Lancaster area, Salunga also has a higher population of retirees. They love the laid-back, quiet lifestyle surrounded by gorgeous countryside. The pace is slower in Salunga, so keep that in mind if you’re young and single. For young families, though, Salunga could be a perfect spot as it’s safe and has good schools.

Neighborhoods in Lancaster

3. Landisville

Landisville is right next door to Salunga and is just as charming, peaceful, and quiet. It’s also a substantially smaller community, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in spirit. The scenery in both Landisville and Salunga is simply gorgeous, especially in fall. Both are just outside of Lancaster, and thus a quick drive gets you into the city. The schools in Landisville are some of the best in the area, and there are plenty of green spaces. That makes this Lancaster neighborhood very attractive for young families.

Neighborhoods in Lancaster

4. Leola

If historic homes are what you seek, Leola has many of them. This community has some of the most beautiful homes in the Lancaster area. Even better, most homes here have expansive yards and a wealth of acreage. Lovely rolling hills and serene pastureland surround Leola. It’s quiet, no doubt, but close enough to the city (about 20 minutes away) that the nightlife is fun.

5. Millersville

We’ve talked today about the slower pace of some Lancaster communities, but Millersville is the epitome of small-town relaxation. Life here is genuinely unhurried, with the feel of a rural village. Like the other communities, though, Millersville is only 15 minutes or so from Lancaster! You won’t need to leave because there are plenty of excellent shops and delicious restaurants here. There are also several fantastic parks for walks, throwing a frisbee, and letting the kids burn off some energy. 

Neighborhoods in Lancaster

6. Strasburg

In the heart of Amish Country sits Strasburg, about 20 minutes from Lancaster. Strasburg is delightful, with many big-city amenities for such a small town. They include 18th-century homes, Amish buggy rides, corn mazes, country stores, and many unique shops. Being in the center of Amish Country has plenty of perks (although the summer tourist season can be exhausting). If you look up “charming towns” in the dictionary, though, Strasburg is sure to be the example picture! It’s also the furthest neighborhood from Lancaster on today’s list. If you plan to commute into the city, keep in mind that you’ll need about 30 minutes.

7. East Petersburg

Three miles northwest of Lancaster sits lovely East Petersburg. With about 4,500 souls living here, East Petersburg is small-town living at its finest. Minutes from downtown Lancaster, East Petersburg is a diamond in the rough! Surprisingly, the town has an extensive park system that’s interconnected with well-kept bike paths. One of those parks is East Petersburg Community Park, which is popular among residents here. The local schools are excellent, and the fabulous Roots Market farmer’s market has everything you can imagine! It’s open all year but only on Tuesdays from 9 am to 9 pm.

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We hope you enjoyed learning about the 7 best neighborhoods in Lancaster, PA and that you now have a better idea of where you’d like to live. There are plenty of other fine communities, so come and look around before settling down.

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This article was originally published on 09/08/2020. It was updated on 09/22/2022.