Living in Lancaster, PA: the Best Neighborhoods Based on Your Personality

Living in Lancaster PA means different communities, neighborhoods, and subdivisions to choose from. Deciding where to live in Lancaster means first figuring out what part of town fits your needs and personality best. If you’re a doting parent, you might like Manheim Township with its A+ rated schools. If low noise levels and tranquility are on your want list, Lititz is a fantastic choice. And East Petersburg has a livability score of 85 for folks who want a little of everything.

It’s a bit of a daunting choice, to be sure. Do you want to be close to nightlife, or does the sound of crickets at night put you to sleep? Are good schools important? Does the commuting time make a difference? Is it necessary for you that you’re close to nature? Knowing what you and your family need before you choose your new home or apartment is vital. But here’s the thing; you can always store your stuff with MoveIn and take your sweet time looking.

Where to Live in Lancaster if You’re a Parent: Manheim

amish boys by a stream having fun living in lancaster, pa

If a safe part of Lancaster with excellent schools is what you seek, Manheim Township is right up your alley. They rate an A+ for public schools, a B+ for housing, and an A for safety. Diversity also ranks highly, making Manheim one of the best places for young families. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the area is gorgeous, with a great mix of farms and suburban areas. But for parents seeking the best for their kids, the schools here are the biggest draw. They’ll get a great head-start and be ready for college when you make Manheim your home.

Where to Live in Lancaster for Country Life: Bird-In-Hand

Lancaster Pennsylvania aerial view captured by drone

Living in Lancaster, PA means being surrounded by gorgeous Amish farmlands, the town of Bird-In-Hand is wonderfully unique. Even though it’s as rural as they come, you’ll still find a Broadway-style theater here. They also hold the only annual hot air balloon festival in Lancaster County. It’s about a tranquil and laid-back, as you can imagine, with an outstanding local farmers market. The food scene here is also one of the best around with plenty of delicious Amish food, smorgasbords, and family-style dining. We highly recommend taking a buggy ride here in late summer. It’s simply spectacular, especially at sunset.

Where to Live in Lancaster for Craftspeople: Paradise

If Lancaster is known for anything, it’s our covered bridges, old mills, and amazing Amish craftspeople. For plenty of all three, Paradise is your best choice. Surrounded by the Amish, you’ll find Pennsylvania Dutch restaurants, quilt stores, and furniture stores everywhere you look. You’ll also find wonderful wood shops, farms, souvenir shops, bakeries and there’s even a doll shop. If handmade country-chic is your idea of heaven, Paradise will have you going hog-wild. It’s an excellent location for retirees as well, due to a very low crime rate.

Where to Live for a Small-Town Life: Landisville

Aerial view of Main Street, in a small town in  Pennsylvania.

Fifteen minutes but still a world away from Lancaster Cty sits Landisville, a simply smashing small town. Country markets. Amish shops. No traffic lights to be seen and some excellent little restaurants. If small-town living floats your boat, Landisville is an excellent choice. It rates very highly for families and has outstanding schools, although it lacks a bit of diversity. Still, the nightlife is decent, and the locally farmed produce is fantastic. They also offer excellent medical care here, and the commute into town is a breeze. It’s small-town Pennsylvania living at its very best! Lastly, the housing prices are very reasonable. As far as living in Lancaster, PA-based on your personality, Landisville takes the cake for small-town charm.

Where to Live in Lancaster for Trains: Strasburg

Does the thought of riding the oldest continuously operating railroad in the western hemisphere sound thrilling to you? If so, living in Strasburg outside of Lancaster, PA is going to be like a dream come true. There are numerous attractions here that feature railroads, including the aforementioned rail line. Massive toy train displays are to be found in several locations, as well as some of the best toy train stores on the East Coast. If you like antique architecture and Broadway shows, you’ll love it here also. That’s because Strasburg has a world-famous Broadway-style theater here, the Sight & Sound Theatre. You’ll also be surrounded by Amish country and all the amenities they offer. Most importantly, if the sound of a train horn brings back the best childhood memories, Strasburg will feel like home.

Where to Live in Lancaster for Antiquing: Adamstown

Various antique clocks vases and candlesticks on display

Antiquing is a fun hobby that millions thoroughly enjoy. Living in Lancaster, PA means prime antique shopping! Adamstown should be on your list of places to visit before you purchase your new home. Known as the Antiques Capital of the United States, you’ll find thousands of antique dealers here and massive antique malls. Indeed, there are malls, co-ops, shops, and markets, all catering to lovers of anything antiques. We highly recommend driving down the Adamstown Antique Mile along route 272. It’s awe-inspiring to see so many antique shops all in one place!

Where to Live in Center of it All: Lancaster City

If being in the middle of the small-town hustle and bustle is for you, Lancaster City’s got it! With a strong economy, this city is also dripping with American history and culture. We’re the only American city that can boast the oldest continuously running public farmers market and continuously running theater in the United States. More than that, we’ve got magnificent museums, delicious dining, and a diverse cultural mix. Don’t forget to check out our plethora of art galleries either, as well as our hundreds of family-owned shops. There’s always something happening in Lancaster City! If you want to be where fun, engaging, and enjoyable events are always happening, definitely check it out.

Where to Live for a Cool Small Town: Lititz

Covered bridge going over a river

Imagine living in a town that was voted the “Coolest Small Town in America.” That’s Lititz, PA, a walkable, beautiful, easygoing village in the northern part of Amish Country. And talk about cool; the 1st pretzel bakery in the U.S is here, and the oldest 4th of July celebration! The Fire & Ice Festival is held here every year, one of the coolest (and hottest) on the east coast. Plus, there’s a community spirit here that’s palpable. People like each other in Lititz, and help each other when times are tough. It’s a small town with a big, beautiful heart (and big, delicious pretzels).

Where to Live if You’ve Started a Family: Leola

Living in Lancaster, PA is so fun as a young family! Friendly, safe, and with outstanding schools, Leola is an excellent choice if you’re starting (or already started) a family. The nightlife isn’t what you’d call ‘on fire,’ but as a new parent, you want peace and quiet anyway. There’s a very close-knit sense of community here, and if you’re renting, low rents too. Leola was voted as the #6 Best Place to Raise a Family! With plenty of local shopping, restaurants, and attractions, it also has everything a growing family needs.

Where to Store Your Things in Lancaster: MooveIn

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