How To Avoid Bringing Roaches When Moving

It’s a common but slightly disgusting problem that many people fear: bringing roaches with them when they move. If you’re worried about the infestation of these nasty insects, we have some helpful advice for you below. That includes top tips on what, when, and how to make sure roaches don’t tag along when you move. If how to avoid bringing roaches when moving sounds like the information you’re looking for today, read on!

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Roaches are Highly Unsanitary, Especially When Moving

For most people, the sight of a cockroach in their home is unsettling, at the very least. The problem with these insects isn’t just that they’re ugly (they are) but that they’re unsanitary too. Most of the time, cockroaches live near sewers and around garbage. When they move around, all of the germs they touch move with them, including germs that can cause disease.

Even worse, cockroaches are incredibly fast as well as nocturnal. That means getting rid of them isn’t easy. It’s necessary, however, so that you avoid bringing roaches with you when you move. Let’s take a look at the best methods to do just that.

Know Where to Look for Roaches When Moving

Here’s the thing; most houses have roaches. They’re an incredibly persistent and durable insect, unfortunately, and very good at surviving. They also have thin, flat-ish bodies that make it easy for them to hide. That’s not to say that most homes are infested, but many are. When you’re preparing to move, it’s vital you check the places they hide and get rid of them, including:

  • Kitchen appliances
  • Electronics like computers. (They are warm and inviting.)
  • Most types of large furniture with pillows, like sofas and armchairs.
  • In cabinets and under sinks.
  • Anything with a lid that doesn’t seal completely.
  • Cardboard boxes. (If you get them used, check them thoroughly!)
  • Furniture with clothing in it like a dresser, nightstand, or even a shelf.
  • Pots, plants, and gardening supplies.
How To Avoid Bringing Roaches When Moving

Be Sure to Wash Your Linens and Clothing Thoroughly

Depending on how badly your home or apartment is infested, washing your linens and clothing is a must. That’s because roaches love warm, dark places, which clothing and linens have in spades. If how to avoid bringing roaches when moving is your goal, washing clothes and linens in hot water is vital. Once they’re clean and roach-free, one suggestion is to put them in large, sealable plastic bags. That way, no new roaches will be able to set up shop.

Deep-Clean Your Items to Avoid Roaches When Moving

If there’s one thing roaches love best, it’s food, which makes the kitchen a prime place to find them. Not only will they get into anything that’s open, but they also infest appliances big and small. Toasters and microwaves are a prime target, as well as cutlery drawers. That’s because food waste like crumbs and grease are often left behind, even in the cleanliest of kitchens.

In short, cleaning everything is necessary to get rid of them before roaches move to your new home. Shake out the toaster, for example, and wipe down every appliance with hot, soapy water. Check under the kitchen sink and spray bug spray there if needed. If you have a dishwasher, deep-clean everything on the hottest setting. If you do all this right before packing, it should prevent bringing these nasty creatures with you.

How To Avoid Bringing Roaches When Moving

Consider Containers Other than Cardboard Boxes

Roaches love cardboard boxes as much as children love candy, and probably more. The problem, of course, is that boxes are a necessity when moving. If you have a severe roach problem, however, you may want to consider an alternative.

For example, large, clear plastic bins with lids are a great choice. Not only are they not dark, but roaches can’t hide in them, which is a major help in avoiding bringing roaches when moving. Plus, you’ll see what’s inside if you store your bins in a storage unit, a big bonus. If clear bins aren’t available, any large plastic bin with a sealable lid will work.

If you do use cardboard boxes, we suggest you purchase them new. Moove In sells a wide variety of moving boxes that are clean and affordable. Lastly, if you use boxes that have already been used, check them thoroughly for roaches. Shake them out and, if you can, set them outside in the hot sun to dry any moisture inside.

Pack Everything in Plastic Bags When Using a Storage Unit

If you plan to store your things in a storage unit, pack them in plastic bags before boxing them. It’s a bit of extra work, time, and cost, we realize. But, if how to avoid bringing roaches when moving is your goal, it’s essential. Sealed plastic bags are superb prevention for roaches, especially when your things are stored for an extended period. Some of the things you should put in sealed plastic bags include:

  • All clothing, including sweaters, jackets, shoes, etc.
  • Small-ish kitchen appliances and gadgets.
  • Linens, pillows, and towels.
  • Children’s stuffed animal toys.

Don’t Pack Food If You Plan to Store Your Things

The average home has a wide variety of food items in cans, boxes, and bags. If you’re moving from one house directly to another, taking some of those should be fine. However, if you have a terrible roach infestation, you might want to leave it all behind.

That’s especially true if you’re going to store your things in a storage unit. Sitting for weeks, months, or even years gives roaches a stationary target. If there’s food of any kind, they will find it and possibly cause grave harm to your things. Also, food attracts other insects and vermin, like rats, mice, and ants. Our suggestion; donate or toss all food to prevent bringing roaches to your new home.

How To Avoid Bringing Roaches When Moving

Rent a Clean Storage Unit

Renting a clean storage unit is vital to prevent roaches from making a mess. At Moove In self-storage, we do our part with storage units that are clean as a whistle. They’re also safe and secure, with 24/7 video and on-site managers.

If you have questions, chat with us online at any time! Or, come out to a local Moove In storage facility and see for yourself! The on-site manager will show you everything and explain how self-storage works! Until then, best of luck preparing for your move! If you follow the tips above, the chance of taking those nasty pests with you will be much lower!

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