Part 1 – How Do I Rent a Parking Space for RV Storage?

Parking Part 1
So you have a boat, an RV and/or a trailer, and you just don’t have room to park them at your house. Or, maybe you have plenty of room at your house but don’t want them as part of your landscape. That means you need somewhere to park them. We can help! Renting a parking space for boat or RV storage is very easy, and we do our best to simplify the process for you.

To get started with boat or RV storage, follow these easy steps:

  • Stop in one of our convenient facilities and meet with the property manager. It’s a good idea to bring along the measurements of your vehicle so he or she can help determine what size parking space you will need.
  • Present your photo ID so we can make a copy of it to keep on file for your security. We use your photo ID to ensure that you are the owner of the vehicle that will be parked at the property.
  • Provide the property manager with a copy of valid insurance on the vehicle. You cannot park a vehicle on our property unless it is insured.
  • Bring in your current registration and vehicle title. Again, this proves you are the owner of the vehicle and that it is in working condition.
  • Provide a current photo of the vehicle that is to be parked at our facility. We keep this on file to make sure your vehicle is in the correct space.

You can read our previous blog about Storing Titled Property for further information and details about boat and RV storage at any of our facilities.

The next thing for you to know is there are no long-term commitments, just like our self storage units. You can pay your rent each month while you need boat or RV storage and the lease will automatically renew on the first of each month. You can set up automatic payments, pay online, pay over the phone, mail your payment or drop it off at the rental office. When you decide you no longer need boat or RV storage, you can end the lease with no penalties or fees. Take a look at our blog on Vacating Your Storage Unit to read about the simple steps necessary when vacating your parking space – the process for a parking space is the same as vacating a storage unit.

Would you still like to learn more about renting a parking space for boat or RV storage at Moove In Self Storage? Tune in for part two on parking in December when we cover the differences, advantages and disadvantages of indoor and outdoor parking. You can also contact us at any time for more information or call or email the property manager at the location nearest you.

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