Do Self Storage Units Have Electricity

One common question that we see at Moove In self storage is, “do self storage units have electricity?” If you’re asking the same question, the following information is just for you! We’ll answer the question about electricity in storage units and why you might need it below. Also, how to rent a storage unit that has electricity, too. If that sounds like the info you’re looking for today, read on!

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Most Storage Units Don’t Offer Electricity

Here’s a fact; most storage facilities, and most storage units, do not offer electricity. A select few do, but most don’t. Also, the storage facilities that do provide electric access in their storage units charge more for this valuable extra service. So, if you find it, expect to pay more based on your need and usage.

Why Don’t Self Storage Units Offer Electricity?

The reason that most storage units don’t offer electricity and electrical outlets is that there’s very little demand for them. Self storage is usually a very passive activity in that, once your goods are stored, that’s it. Most people don’t go in and out of their storage unit often (if at all) or do anything inside them. Because of this fact, providing electricity is rarely a concern. Below are several more reasons why that answer to “does self storage have electricity” is usually a no:

To Discourage Living in the Storage Unit

Living in a storage unit is simply not allowed according to federal and local laws. If storage units provided electricity, it would encourage people to live in them, which is against our policies. Frankly, it’s also dangerous, as well as unhealthy both physically and mentally.

For example, if a person was using a hot plate or some other electrical cooking device, that device could start a fire. A gas or kerosene heater is exceptionally dangerous as it creates toxic fumes. Since storage units don’t have windows or ventilation, the danger from fumes is high and very real.

Lastly, the trash that is naturally created by people (and pets) can cause infestations of cockroaches, ants, and other insects. It can also attract rodents like mice and rats, which can be very destructive indeed.

The Extra Cost of Electricity Would Increase Self Storage Costs

In order to offer electricity, every storage unit would need an electrical meter, wiring, outlets, etc. That would substantially increase the cost, which would need to be passed on to all customers, not just those who needed the wattage. For that reason, it’s not an option most storage facilities choose. The good news is that it keeps rental prices lower. Learn more about how much it costs to rent a storage unit here.

Do Self Storage Units Have Electricity

Moove In Storage Facilities are Well Lit Inside and Out

All Moove In storage locations provide lighting if you have an inside unit. Many facilities have their lights on sensors or timers to cut down on electrical usage and help the environment. If you have a drive-up unit, the sun provides all the light you need.

TIP- Moving your stuff in or out after dark? If yes, you can use the headlights of your car or moving truck for extra light. (If you have a drive-up unit, of course.)

Reasonable Uses for Electricity in a Storage Unit

Occasionally here at Moove In, we see a legitimate need for electricity from a customer. Some of our facilities can provide it, while others can’t. The uses, below, are acceptable reasons to have electricity in a storage unit, including:

Running a Small or Growing Business

Numerous people today own and run their own small businesses, many from the comfort of their homes. Often, though, they run out of space as their business grows or need extra space for inventory and stock. Some run their entire business from out of a storage unit, coming and going frequently. Then you have those who store their tools and materials with us, like contractors, lawn maintenance services, and so forth.

For these types of uses, electricity in a self storage unit can be a blessing. Extra light from a lamp to see things better, for example, or to plug in a computer, printer, or smart device. Some may have electrical tools with batteries that need to be recharged, also. We’ve even seen some set up a desk to use occasionally in their storage unit, which is perfectly acceptable. Attorneys and medical professionals store their files with us, too, and extra light can be very helpful.

Organizing Your Storage Unit

Many people who rent a storage unit from Moove In like to organize it well. They may have collections, a hobby, or they’re a stickler for organization. In their case, some extra electricity while they organize is a big benefit. That way, for example, they can plug in a fan or play some music while they organize away. If you need electrical access once or twice to organize, Moove In’s on-site manager can often arrange it.

How To Get Electricity In Your Storage Unit

If you have a legitimate reason to ask, “do self storage have electricity” we can sometimes help. It depends on the Moove In facility where you rent your storage unit and your reason you need electricity, of course. The best way to find out if it’s possible is to ask! Calling us is fine, but chatting online with a manager is easier and faster.

Better yet, visit the Moove In facility nearest you and talk to the on-site manager. They can answer the question in person and show you which storage units can get the extra power you need (where possible). The manager may ask you some questions about what you intend to do with the electricity. And, as we mentioned earlier, there will be an extra charge for it in most cases.

Do Self Storage Units Have Electricity?

Yes, some do, but many don’t. Some don’t but can provide it if you ask and have a legitimate reason to need it. At Moove In self storage, we will do everything we can to grant your request for electricity. However, the answer may still be no due to extenuating factors.

If you have more questions or would like to rent or reserve a storage unit, you can do both online! You can chat with our online manager any time and rent or reserve a storage unit in less than 10 minutes. Here at Moove In, we’ll do our best to help you in any way we can!

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