Can I Cut the Lock Off My Storage Unit?

What happens if you lose the keys to your storage unit? That can be a problem, of course, especially if you’re not sure where they are or what you did with them. That leads many (slightly embarrassed) folks to contemplate cutting the lock off of their storage unit. It seems easy and a quick solution, but, frankly, it’s not the right solution. Read on to find out why! Also, to see the best, fastest, and least expensive ways to get back into your storage unit. Enjoy!

Can I Cut the Lock Off My Storage Unit?

The short answer here is no. It’s certainly possible with a pair of strong bolt cutters, but we don’t allow it for several reasons:

  1. It’s against the rules and regulations Moove-In has to protect all of our storage unit renters.
  2. It could badly damage the door, or the hasp, which you would then need to pay. (Depending on the damage, it could cost hundreds of dollars!)
  3. Our on-site managers can help you remove the lock or help you find a lock removal service that can.

What Can You Do If You Lose Your Storage Unit Keys?

Listen, we know that misplacing or losing your keys is frustrating and aggravating (at the very least). We lose our keys occasionally, too, and it’s such a hassle. But, again, cutting off your lock is not allowed, so you’ll need to find a better solution. Below are some of the best, including:

  • Letting a Moove In Self Storage staff member remove the lock for you. Our people have the skills and know-how necessary to do it (with your written permission, of course).
  • Call a local locksmith. A locksmith knows several methods for opening locks that won’t damage your storage unit’s door. Their charges will also likely be less than the sort of any damages done by cutting the lock.
  • Keep a spare set of keys at home, just in case. Having spare keys means the only thing you’ll lose if you arrive without them is a little bit of time.

Do keep in mind that, whatever you do, you should have the lock opened or cut off in front of a Moove In manager. That way, they can verify your identity and your storage unit. Also, be aware that you may need to wait if you allow Moove In to remove the lock. It can sometimes take a day or two to schedule a lock removal. (Plus, there’s a small fee, and you’ll need to purchase a new lock.)

Try a Locksmith Before Considering Cutting the Lock Off

OK, so you’ve misplaced your keys, but you need to get into your storage unit right away. What should you do? Frankly, if you’re in a rush, a local locksmith is probably your best bet. Most can get out to you within an hour or two so that you can get going faster. 

The fact is, you might be able to have a MooveIn on-site manager help, but you may not. They might be busy, or it might be after hours. If you can wait, the charges will likely be a little bit less than a locksmith. But, again, if you need to get into your storage unit quickly, a local locksmith is probably your best bet.

Make Sure The Lock Is Working Correctly

Let’s say you have your keys, but your lock still won’t open. That can be genuinely frustrating, no doubt, but don’t panic. If this is the case, a quick online search of the lock’s type and brand might help. That way, if there are any common issues with it, you’ll see them and (hopefully) be able to solve them. A locksmith might also help, which would remove the cost of getting a new lock. Try looking up a locksmith on a review site like Angi. (Of course, the locksmith will still need to charge for coming out and provide the service.)

Can I Cut the Lock Off My Storage Unit?

Make Sure You’re At The Correct Unit

This might sound silly, but, in some cases, the only reason a lock won’t open is that it’s the wrong lock. Maybe you’re tired after a long day, and you park in front of the wrong storage unit. Perhaps you took a wrong turn inside the facility and ended up in front of the wrong unit. Again, it sounds silly, but it has happened. In short, if you have keys but your lock won’t open, make sure you’re at the correct storage unit.

Cut the Lock Off My Storage Unit? Ask a Manager to Help

At Moove In, we have on-site managers at every location ready to help you. We highly suggest that you contact them first if you’re having a lock (or any other) problem. That way, they can oversee the entire process, make sure everything is kosher, and get you going faster. (Also, so they can make sure that it’s you.) The good news is that Moove In hires the nicest people to man our self-storage locations. They’ll be more than happy to help you with any problems or situations that arise.

So, Can I Cut the Lock Off My Storage Unit?

No, you can’t cut a lock off of a storage unit. It’s against our policies and, frankly, could cost you a lot more than just the cost of a new lock. (Especially if you accidentally damage the storage unit’s door.) But you can get help from a Moove In manager or a local locksmith. If you have problems with your lock, please contact Moove In right away so we can help! By the way, if you’re trying to toss some things in your storage unit, read our blog on What to Do with Unwanted Items in Your Storage Unit.

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