Moving Tips

All Your Packing Supply Needs for Your Self Storage Unit

You’ve done your research. You’ve gone and visited many self storage locations and have settled on the facility where you want to rent your storage unit. You have signed the paperwork and are ready to start packing and moving your items. But, you’re not sure where to get the proper supplies. We have you covered! We offer a wide array of moving and packing supplies in our retail shop; everything from boxes and rope to plastic covers and bubble wrap.

Disc Locks

We carry the self storage industry recommended disc lock, and no others. These locks were designed to help prevent break ins and last for years, and they are up to the task! Disc locks are high quality alloy steel, can handle outdoor weather with no rust and have drainage holes so they will not freeze up in winter, and are practically impossible to cut off.

Plastic Covers

You will want to wrap each mattress and box spring in plastic covers. Mattress covers come in all sizes, ranging from twin, full, queen and king. Simply purchase the correct size for each of your mattresses and box springs, then simply slide each into the cover and tape the opening securely. We also offer sofa and chair covers as well. Protect the fabric on your furniture from getting all dusty keep pests out.

We have “generic” plastic dust covers that you can also use to cover tables, desks, dressers and more. You can simply wrap the cover around the area to be protected and tape it together so it stays in place. You can even trim them plastic covers to the right size for smaller items like end tables.

Standard Boxes and Specialty Boxes

We have many different boxes for all your needs, ranging from small to extra-large, mirror boxes and wardrobe boxes. We even carry file boxes for all your important papers and documents. Our boxes stand up to high humidity and are specially treated to resist mildew. No need to worry about them crushing either, as they are crush tested and high quality. Our wardrobe boxes are great for all your clothes that you have hanging in the closet. No need to take them off the hangers, just place them onto the rod that comes with the box, close the box and tape it shut and you are all set.

Let’s not forget about your china and glassware. We carry inserts that fit perfectly into our boxes to protect your china, glasses and everyday dishes from banging around. Simply insert them into the packaging that comes with the kit and they will be protected.

While you can get free boxes from a local grocery store, think about what was in those boxes before putting your valuable items into them. Might not be the wise choice. Also keep in mind that those boxes are designed for one time use and will break down easily and more quickly. Our boxes are specifically designed for the self storage industry and long-term storage.

Bubble Wrap, Shrink Wrap and Packing Paper

For all the little knickknacks that everyone has, try wrapping them in bubble wrap, shrink wrap or our unprinted packing paper for extra protection. Yes, you can use old newspapers that are lying around the house. But you know how easily that ink comes off and gets all over you and the items you wrap with it. Our packing paper is basically newsprint without the print or color, making it safe for all your items with no inky mess! Plus, our shrink wrap comes on a convenient roller (hand held small ones or larger ones you can use with two hands) so you can easily wrap around delicate items quickly and even dresser drawers to keep them from opening during the move. Our bubble wrap has perforations so you can easily tear it into just the right size, or leave it connected to wrap larger items. Talk about convenient!

Packing Tape and Rope

We also sell packing tape in single rolls, and in a pack of three that includes the tape gun. There are other items available as well, such as rope, which you can use to tie down items in the moving truck.

Be sure to stop by any of our locations (even if you are not using our storage units) for all your packing, moving and storing supply needs. We have a large selection on the essentials at competitive prices, and often higher quality than you can find for the same price at the local department store.

If you have any questions, please contact us or reach out to any of our knowledgeable property managers. And, if you are ready to start using self storage, you can rent a storage unit online 24/7.