How to Pack Dishes and Glassware for Moving

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Moving can be a mix of excitement and worries. One of those common worries is ensuring your delicate dishes and glassware arrive safely. Finding broken glass and dishes is the last sight you want to see when unpacking in the new house. Luckily for you, we have the top tricks and tips for packing these delicate items for your next move!

How to Pack Dishes & Glassware for Moving

Tip #1: Use Sturdy Boxes

The temptation to source boxes from grocery stores may be strong, but it’s essential to ensure that your boxes are sturdy and suitable for the job. Remember, some boxes are designed for single use and can degrade quickly. For fragile items, getting dish-pack boxes is a wise investment. These heavy-duty containers have divided cells to keep glass separated and cushioned, ensuring they can withstand stacking pressure during a move.

Tip #2: Create a Buffer for Shock Absorption

Before packing, line the bottom or corners of your box with crinkled packing paper. This acts as a buffer, offering your items some much-needed shock absorption. Avoid using newspapers; their ink can stain your dishes. Instead, wrap each item in packing paper or bubble wrap. Moove In Self Storage offers plain, unprinted packing paper and dish packs for this purpose.

Tip #3: Group for Efficiency

When packing plates, lay them out on a flat surface covered with packing paper. You can wrap them individually or in small groups. The idea is to minimize surface exposure so if there’s an accident, only the edges are impacted, reducing the risk of breakage.

Tip #4: Pack & Layer Thoughtfully

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Begin packing glasses by stuffing the bottom with a sheet of paper. For added protection, especially for stemware, wrap the stems first. Always position these items standing up in the box. As you layer your dishes and glassware, start with the heaviest and most robust items at the bottom, working your way up to the lighter and more delicate ones. Fill gaps with crumpled paper to minimize movement, and check for any clinking sounds – this means you need more padding. Remember, smaller boxes are ideal for dishes, as they reduce item movement and keep the weight manageable.

Tip #5: Specialty Items Require Specialty Care

Every dish has a story and varying fragility. More than standard packing might be required for unique pieces like china or heirloom items. These pieces may require foam pouches or double-boxing—a box within a box, cushioned on all sides—to ensure their safety during transit.

Tip #6: Reinforce Your Boxes

Dishes can be deceptively heavy. Reinforce the bottoms of your boxes with strong packing tape. Consider double-taping if you’re reusing boxes or suspect they might be weak. It’s a simple step, but it can save you a lot of grief.

Tip #7: Handle with Care

Remember, moving the box is as essential as how you pack it. Always lift from the bottom and avoid stacking many boxes on top of one another. The added pressure could be too much for the boxes below. Secure the boxes well to prevent accidents if using a dolly or cart.

If you go to move the box and hear any clinking, add more paper. You can never have too much protection! It is best to use small boxes for glasses and dishes. The smaller the box, the less movement between the items, and the lighter the box will be when packed full. Dishware can get very heavy if you pack too much inside one box. Pay attention and do a lift check here and there as you stack your dishes higher and higher.

Store With Moove In Self Storage

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The right approach to packing can make all the difference between a smooth move and a heartbreaking one. With these tips, you can ensure your cherished dishes and glassware reach your new home safely. Remember, every item has its story and deserves the most care to preserve them. If you need further guidance or resources for your move, don’t hesitate to contact Moove In Self Storage. Our experts in self-storage are here to help! To reserve a storage unit at Moove In Self Storage, contact us today!