Living in Huntingdon PA Pros and Cons

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Curious about whether Huntingdon, PA, is the right fit for you? Wondering about the quality of schools and the cost of living? Whether you’re a retiree, a young family, or anyone in between, our list of Living in Huntingdon, PA, Pros and Cons has got you covered. Read on as we explore the ups and downs of this beautiful small American town. We’re Moove In, your go-to self-storage expert in Pennsylvania. We’re here to assist if you need a storage unit in Huntingdon! Feel free to call us, stop by, or chat with our friendly manager online if you have any questions. Now, let’s dive into the details!

Living in Huntingdon, PA PROs & CONs

When you’re named the “5th Coolest Small Town” in the U.S., you know you’re doing something right. That’s Huntingdon, PA, which is also ranked as the 7th Best City to Retire. Huntingdon is on the Juniata Riverbanks and has the dairy farms to prove it! It’s small-town Pennsylvania life, and it’s practically perfect. The pros definitely outweigh the cons here in Huntingdon and for those who already enjoy a small-town vibe, we know you’ll love it!

PRO: The Cost of Housing in Huntingdon, PA is Very Affordable

Looking at Huntingdon’s overall cost of living, you’ll see a significant number; 76/100. That’s an impressive number, almost 25 points lower than the national average! However, groceries, healthcare, utilities, and miscellaneous costs get average scores. So what is it that gives Huntingdon such a fantastic overall score? The answer is simple; the cost of housing is excellent and affordable at 41/100.

Put another way, in Huntingdon, you’ll pay much less than the national average for a house. Median home values reflect that logic, sitting at approximately $180,000 compared to the national average of around $390,000. If you’re in the market for more affordable homes, you’ve started looking in the right place!

CON: Public Schools are Average Here

For young families, the need for excellent, top-notch schools is vital. It’s the best way to ensure your children get the education and head start they need! In Huntingdon, finding a perfect school will take time and effort. The city receives a grade of C for schools, which any good teacher will tell you is only average. If you have younger children and want them to get an excellent education in Huntingdon, you’ll need to search for a good school. (Even the private school here only gets a C+ grade.)

PRO: Huntingdon, PA Has Four Distinct Seasons

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For some people, 365 days of sunshine and hot weather is fine. (Christmas on the beach? No, thank you. We’ll take snow, please!) Here in Huntingdon, we get all four sensational seasons and plenty of snow in winter. One of the perks of having four seasons is the spectacular autumn colors. Spring is a blast too, when everything suddenly bursts back to vivid life. Yes, winter sometimes seems to last forever, but it doesn’t. Plus, considering that we only get 12 snowy days a year, it’s not bad.

CON: The Highways Around Huntingdon, PA Have Tolls

If you’re retired and don’t travel too often, toll roads might not affect you. On the other hand, if you travel extensively, toll costs can add up quickly. For example, if you cross the entire length of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, you’ll pay more than $50 in tolls. That’s a significant expense that many other country areas don’t have.

PRO: Living Huntingdon, PA Means Nature

Huntingdon sits outside of mountainous scenery. Hiking, mountain biking, and more await you when you live here. Huntingdon was ranked #15 on “The Best Mountain Bike Trails in the World.” That’s likely because we’re the nearest town to the Allegrippis Trails system. (It’s said to be one of the best mountain bike trails east of the Mississippi!) Many folks here in Huntingdon are avid hunters too. Indeed, the start of the season around here is akin to a holiday.

Huntingdon is also close to the incredible Raystown Lake, a paradise for water enthusiasts. This 8,300-acre lake offers opportunities for boating, kayaking, fishing, and serene boat rides against the backdrop of stunning mountain views. The lake’s waters are perfect for swimming during the warmer months, while its shoreline provides an area for picnics, hiking, and birdwatching. If getting back to nature and enjoying the outdoors is your thing, Huntingdon won’t disappoint.

CON: Nightlife in Huntingdon, PA is Low Key

If you’re young and looking for hot clubs in Huntingdon, we’re sorry to disappoint you. We are, after all, a small town in the middle of Pennsylvania. Unlike Pittsburgh, things get quiet and calm here after dark. Sure, we’ve got great restaurants and cafes, but you wouldn’t call it ‘hot’ by any stretch of the imagination. However, you can always take the train into Pittsburgh if you need a night on the town.

PRO: Friendly Atmosphere

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Stepping into Huntingdon feels like reuniting with old friends, even if you’ve never been here. The town’s warm and welcoming atmosphere is one of its most significant characteristics. The neighbors here don’t just live next to each other; they genuinely care about one another. The friendliness of the residents here creates a feeling that is hard to explain. If you are looking for a new home with genuine neighbors, Huntingdon should be at the top of your list!

PRO: Low Traffic

Picture this: stress-free commutes, leisurely drives, and an absence of the nerve-racking gridlock that is in many big cities. This is the reality of life in Huntingdon. The low traffic volume saves time and contributes to a more relaxed pace of life, which explains why they are ranked so high for small cities. Whether you’re heading to work or going on a hike, the shorter commute times can give you more time to yourself.

CONS: Limited Job Market

While Huntingdon’s charms are abundant, its job market might present a challenge for those seeking career opportunities. The town’s economic landscape is stable, but the lack of specific career opportunities should be something to consider, especially for the audience where working remotely is not possible.

CONS: Distance to Major Cities

While Huntingdon offers the allure of being quiet, it’s important to note that access to major cities like Pittsburgh or State College might require a bit of travel. This could limit spontaneous visits to events, concerts, or amenities found in bigger towns.

PRO: This is Small Town American Living at It’s Best

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For some, this is the biggest pro of living in Huntingdon; we’re a quaint, quiet small town. We know our neighbors and say ‘hi’ when they walk past us. We leave the front door open and the porch lights on in case someone drops by. Life is a little slower here, and that’s the way we like it. (We’re still ranked 5th coolest small town, so there’s that!) We want to think the small-town vibe here is the biggest pro of all living in Huntingdon, PA.

And on that note, we hope you enjoyed this list. If you need a storage unit in Huntingdon, Moove In can help! Call, drop by, or chat online with a friendly manager if you need assistance or have questions. Until then, best of luck in your new Huntingdon home!

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