I Lost My Keys To My Lock! What Can I Do?

set of lost keys for storage unit

The weather has finally changed into that springtime loveliness we all know, with summer right around the corner. You’ve been busy breaking out the lawn furniture, the gardening and yard tools, and all the pool stuff that you packed away in your storage unit for the long, cold winter. And, you are happily moving all that winter stuff – like the snow-blower, shovels and sleds – back into your storage unit. But what if when you go to open your unit, you suddenly realize that your key is gone, disappeared, vanished! Like all the other problems that could occur when using storage, your property manager has a solution.


First things first: It’s very important to remember that you cannot remove the lock from your rented storage unit by any means other than with your key. This includes bolt cutters. Simply put, you could inadvertently cause damage to the hasp or the door for which you could be billed, and that’s no fun. As soon as you decide that your key is gone forever and you need to get into your storage unit, call your property manager for help. There are a couple of options to look at here, and we’ll explain each in detail for you.

Moove In Self Storage Lock Removal

The first option you have as a tenant of Moove In Self Storage is to schedule your lock to be removed by a designated staff member. We require written permission from you, as the tenant, to remove a lock from your rented storage unit. We cannot remove any lock without first receiving permission to do so.

Simply contact your property manager to set up a time to visit the rental office and complete the ‘Lock Cut Request’ form. You can also just stop in the rental office during regular business hours to fill out the form. The property manager will then go over the small fee to remove the lock for you and the lock replacement purchase with you. He or she will also schedule a time for the lock to be cut – it’s important to understand that service will not be rendered immediately. This service is offered as a convenience but can often take a number of days to schedule a time to physically remove the lock. If you are finding yourself short on time, the following option will better suit your immediate need.

Contact a Locksmith Service

Your second option for lock removal would be to contact and hire a locksmith service. Tenants should note that while it is completely within your rights to have a locksmith remove your lock for you, there are a few steps that must be taken for that to happen at our facility:

  • The locksmith service should only remove your lock in the presence of the property manager. Make sure they contact the property manager to set up a time to visit your storage unit to perform the lock cut.
  • The employee of the locksmith service must provide identification and validation of the company to the property manager.
  • Just like all visitors you bring onto the property, as the tenant, you are responsible for any vendor as well – even if you are not with them at the time of the service. That includes any damage they may cause during the lock removal.
  • The cost for this option would be entirely between you and the locksmith company. Moove In Self Storage will have no input on your contract with the locksmith service.

If you decide to hire a locksmith service, there are many reputable companies in the areas we serve. From time to time it’s necessary to contact them for assistance. One such company that our facilities have relied on and would recommend is All Hours Locksmith Services.

One Last Thing to Note About Lock Removals 

The tenant of the storage unit must be the person to authorize any and all lock removals. The tenant is defined as the person who signed the rental agreement. You cannot send in a friend or family member to arrange this service for you. Without the signature of our tenant, these services cannot be performed. This is just another step we take to protect our tenants and keep their belongings safe and secure, and to uphold our promises to each and every one of our valued customers!

If you are met at any time with an inconvenience on our properties and you need some help or assistance, our experienced property managers are ready and able to help you. Just give us a call, contact us via our website or stop in the rental office at any of our locations and we’ll find a solution for you!

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