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Heads Up Uses Unlikely Tools to Build Relationships

Heads Up | Kids DancingHeads Up began in 2008 with a vision to use urban arts to build relationships with students. Most people start relationships with a handshake or a high five. Heads Up starts with sticks and buckets.

Junkyard Drumming has been the most popular program offered by Heads Up, but close second is Mural Arts, Break Dancing, Videography and Song Writing. The Artist Mentors of Heads Up use urban arts as the doorway to build relationships with students because it helps them break down wall associated with language, social status or talent.

“The most powerful thing you can do for a student is to give them vision”, says Heads Up Founder, Justin Rule. “We talk about unleashing their potential, but that requires a thirst and an understanding that they have a unique purpose for their life!”

Heads Up believes that when you spend time with students, outside of their normal routines of school but inside their natural surroundings, then you build relationships that are authentic.

Heads Up | Kids Painting“It is not about pulling them into a fictitious world where there are awesome sound effects, walls of mirrors for dancing and perfect acoustics…it is about meeting them right where they are.”

Since they began, Heads Up grew to over 20 schools throughout the School District of Lancaster and recently began the Flame Time After-School Academy at Fulton Elementary School and La Academia. This gives students a chance to explore their talents and abilities and discover their unique gifts – whether it is cooking, writing, dancing or simply a love for athletics. They get help with homework, the opportunity to build relationships with leaders from their community, and a safe place to express themselves.

Heads Up | MeetingIt certainly didn’t happen without the support of numerous local donors, grants, optimistic Principals from local schools and generous businesses to give support. The Head Up office space is donated by Threshold Church. Their storage location is donated by Moove In Self Storage on Stone Mill Road in Lancaster. Their equipment has been purchased with grants form Best Buy and Music For Everyone. Programs are supported by grants from SDoL and ExtraGive funds. This enables nearly all their donations (over 90%) to go directly to students and programs! If you are interested in donating, you can donate online or mail a donation by downloading the form.

“At the end of the day, the question is – Did we build relationships and encourage students to see the vision of who they were created to be? Those things outlast test scores and surroundings”, says Justin Rule.

You can watch videos and learn more about Heads Up at www.WeAreHeadsUp.org.

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