Feature Business: DAKK Safety & Security Consulting, LLC

DAKK Safety and Security Consulting
In this day and age of security threats and safety risks, it is imperative that organization and preparation to respond to any type of incident in in place. DAKK Safety and Security Consulting, LLC was designed with that purpose in mind. Located on US Highway 2016 in Augusta, NJ, DAKK’s consultants can provide your organization with peace of mind whether you’re a public agency or a private business. They can help you take the appropriate measures to prevent unintentional or malicious incidents from occurring and are prepared to respond in an effective and efficient manner when an incident does occur.

DAKK was developed to address safety and security concerns for schools, hospitals, municipal facilities and religious institutions of all denominations. If your organization has a need for vulnerability and threat assessments, target hardening recommendations, emergency operating plan development, personal safety training, municipal merger and consolidation assistance, organizational change implementation or police, fire, EMS and OEM training, DAKK conducts assessment, then provides direction and assistance in the development of the best plan for their clients. The completion of the process is done by testing the plans with hands-on practical based scenarios designed to expose your leadership team to “real life” situations in a safe and controlled environment.

They also provide a variety of safety and security related training courses and seminars either on site at your location or in their classroom.

To find out what DAKK Safety and Security Consulting, LLC can do for you, visit their website, contact them at info@dakksafetyandsecurity.com or call them at 973-670-0874.

DAKK is a storage tenant at our Newton, NJ location. We hope that you will visit their website and contact them for more information. And, if your business or non-profit organization could use additional storage space, you can rent a storage unit online now or contact us for more information. Our knowledgeable property managers will gladly provide you with the best storage solution for your needs.

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