7 Places To Donate Storage Unit Contents

Many people today store their extra belongings in storage units. It’s easy, convenient, and helps them free up lots of space at home. If you have all this extra stuff you don’t know what to do with and can’t use, donate it! We’ve put together a list of 7 Places To Donate Storage Unit Contents. You’ll see all the best places to donate stuff where it’s needed and appreciated.

#1: Donate Storage Unit Contents to Goodwill

One of the very best ways to donate storage unit contents is to give it to charity. The truth is, there are a lot of American families who are in need. For them, buying brand new clothes, electronics, kitchen utensils, and so forth is almost impossible. That’s why many go to Goodwill and other charitable foundations operating in your city. There they can get the things they need at a massively discounted price. Yes, they’re not brand new, but they still work well in many cases.

Clothing that was only worn a few times, for example. Pots and pans from the kitchen that, while a little banged up, are still serviceable. You can donate books, toys, games, and even large paintings and framed pictures too. Sports equipment like bicycles, golf clubs, baseball gloves and bats, and so forth? Oh my goodness, yes! Donating those items could make a young boy or girl extremely happy (and possibly an adult). If you have too much stuff in your storage unit, consider donating it to charity. You’ll feel good about yourself, make some people happy, and it’s a tax write-off!

#2: Donate to a Local School

Sadly, many schools and school districts don’t get the funding they need to properly teach their students. If you have things in your storage unit that can help, by all means, donate them! Books are excellent, of course, as long as the reading material is suitable for children. Art supplies are also superior, including paint, canvas, brushes, and more. If you have old games that are still in good shape, you can also donate those. (You’ll make playtime a lot more fun for some lucky students!) Anything you have in your storage unit that might benefit students works well. Believe us, both the students and teachers will be very appreciative of your donation.

#3: Donate Storage Unit Contents to a Friend in Need

OK, so let’s say that your children are older and you’re storing their baby clothes, furniture, toys, etc. And then let’s say that your lovely neighbor is pregnant for the first time. That’s a winning donation combination! First, you can free up space in your storage unit. Second, your neighbor spends a lot less on things that, one day, she’ll probably be putting in storage too. If you don’t plan to have more children, it’s terrific. All the things your children loved now get a second life and the chance to make another child happy!

#4: Donate to Your Local Church or Religious Organization

While most churches, frankly, aren’t desperately in need of money, they can always use other things. Clothing to give away to their impoverished parishioners, for example. Furniture to use in their Bible study classes can also be very helpful. Many churches and faith-based charities would appreciate your donation. Some will even come out to pick up clothing, shoes, furniture, and other household items right from your door.

#5: Donate to a Charity That Picks Stuff Up For Free

We already spoke about donating the stuff in your storage unit to charity. However, we failed to mention that many charities will come and pick it up for free! It’s not always necessary, but it can be beneficial if you’re in a rush. Also, your vehicle might not be big enough for whatever it is that you’re donating. A charity that picks your stuff up for free will make things much more manageable in either case. Below are the Top 6 charities that will pick items up. Keep in mind that you will need to be present at your storage unit when they do. (Otherwise, the on-site manager will not let them in for security reasons.)

  1. AMVETS National Service Foundation
  2. Salvation Army
  3. Habitat For Humanity
  4. Vietnam Veterans of America

#6: Donate Storage Unit Contents to Your Local Library

Let’s be honest; you probably don’t want to donate your most beloved books to anyone. That’s not a bad thing at all, because you can reread them whenever you like. On the other hand, you may have books in your storage unit that you don’t read, care about, or want. If you do, donating them to your local library makes perfect sense. It gives someone else a chance to read those books (and you’ll feel good knowing they have a new home).

#7: Donate Storage Unit Contents to An Animal Shelter

You might be thinking, “what can I donate to an animal shelter?” The fact is, old linens are an excellent choice because they can be used to bathe animals and for their bedding. You’ll make a dog or cat (or some other four-legged beast) very happy. One recommendation is that you wash your linens ahead of time. (Some animals have allergies.)

Too Much Stuff At Home? Rent a Storage Unit!

If you find yourself forced out of your home due to too much stuff, a storage unit can be perfect. They’re safe, clean, and affordable. You can store practically anything in a storage unit also, except anything flammable, of course. If you already have a storage unit, we wish you all the best with donating the contents. Hopefully, the things you contribute will make someone, or some organization, very happy!

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