Tips For Organizing Business Inventory

Using self storage can provide you the perfect solution for additional storage space. Most businesses do not have the need for a large warehouse for organizing business inventory. Many businesses utilize self storage units to store their old archived files and additional office supplies. They even store excess and seasonal inventory, holiday decorations for the office and other seasonal items, and even office furniture!

Space is Always at a Premium!

As a business, your office space is prime real estate! You need to fill it with employees, equipment, and other essentials that you need to run your business daily. There are many items that fill closets and clutter corners you really don’t need to keep in the office. Think about all the items that may fit that description and make a list of what can be moved into storage. If you are not using the item daily or weekly, it can likely be moved off-site and out of your way. By moving these things into a self storage unit, you will clear out the clutter and maximize your office space for more important things like daily operations and client satisfaction.

How to Determine What Kind of Storage You Need for Business Organization

After determining the items you want to move into storage, choose a big enough storage unit you need to help you in organizing business inventory. Most storage facilities offer sizes from 5×5 through 10×20 and even larger. There are also options available such as drive-up access, interior access, and temperature control storage units. Choose a storage unit that is large enough to keep all of your items. Consider a size that allows for growth and room for you to walk in and easily access everything.

Deciding on the type of unit really depends on what you are storing. If you simply have old paper files but you need to get to them monthly, you can choose a drive-up storage unit. But, if you have extra furniture, equipment, or inventory, choose temperature control to prevent damage to belongings from excessive heat and humidity or extreme cold. If you are unsure what you need, talk with one of our friendly and knowledgeable property managers for guidance.

Tips for Organizing Business Inventory

Here are some tips to follow to keep accessing your items quick and easy:

  • Place the large and bulky items at the back of the storage unit, or along one side wall.
  • Make sure all of your boxes and totes are clearly labeled with what is kept inside. (Names of the items, a date if they are important documents, and even what department or company they belong with if you have multiple ones to consider.) If you need more boxes, you can find high-quality boxes designed specifically for long periods of time in storage in our retail shop.
  • Stack the boxes and totes neatly and keep the larger ones on the bottom and smaller ones on top. Don’t stack too high. Be sure you can reach them and get them down easily without toppling the stack.
  • Kept items you need to access frequently near the door and on top. Items that you will not need access to very often go in the back and under other items.
  • Keep a record of everything you place inside your storage unit. You can make a graph that shows what is where. List out box numbers for important items (be sure to number the boxes if you do this). Then, make copies of this document! Keep one taped inside the unit, one in your vehicle, and one at your desk at the office. It’s even a good idea to give a copy to your receptionist or assistant for safe keeping. When you make changes inside the unit, update this document so it is accurate at all times.

Recap: Business Inventory + How Self Storage Can Help Make Things Convenient

In addition to your excess office valuables, you may also have a company vehicle or even a fleet of vehicles and nowhere safe to store them. Many storage facilities have outdoor parking spaces that are perfect for vehicle storage – trucks, trailers, vans, RVs, boats – you name it! All of our locations offer parking spaces and/or oversized drive-up storage units that you can use for just this purpose.

Organizing your business inventory is a common issue for many business owners. Using self storage as a solution is a great idea and affordable, especially when compared to large warehouse space. Reserve or rent a storage unit online now. Have more questions and want to talk to someone first? You can contact us at any time or reach out to our property managers to get started.

Originally posted 6/1/17; Updated 8/2/20

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