How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Storage Unit? (Including Moving Supplies!)

Here at Moove In Self Storage, we want you to have the best moving and self storage experience you can have. It’s important to know how much it costs to rent a storage unit, including all the moving supplies that add up quickly! Many of our competitors don’t offer a fully stocked retail store. We want to make it easy for you.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Storage Unit?

Prices vary depending on four factors: location, demand, amenities, and size.

Here are some example prices (check with your local Moove In to see storage unit prices online for a location near you!)

  • 5×5: $65/month
  • 5×10: $116/month
  • 10×15: $184/month

Moving Supplies You’ll Need + Costs

There are several items that we recommend to our tenants. We have a large variety of beneficial products. But, we wanted to narrow it down to the ones we feel are essential in keeping your belongings safe and secure while stored in your unit, and when being moved around.

Stainless Steel Disc Lock – Around $15

We always recommend adding our Stainless Steel Disc Lock to your list of costs when budgeting to rent a storage unit. It is designed with the Storage Industry in mind. It will never rust, so you can use it for inside units and outside drive-up units. This lock has no exposed metal. It can’t be cut off with bolt cutters. We pride ourselves in safe and secure facilities – however, in the unfortunate circumstance where someone is trying to do harm or burglarize our property – you can rest assured that this lock is not easily cut off.

Unless the lock is locked, you cannot remove the key. This safety feature ensures that you never accidentally walk away without locking your unit. No to mention, it is only about $1 more than other brands and lock types. I know I would pay that extra buck to keep my valuables safe! We have a double-disc lock set available for those who need multiple storage units as well.

Heavy Duty Storage Boxes – Around $100 for Good Quality

In addition to the disc locks, our storage boxes are thick enough not to sag after six months when stacked. For just a few cents more, they give you a secure place to store your contents. Our coated boxes prevent mildew while in storage for extended periods of time. The last thing you want is to walk into your storage unit and see is damaged boxes. Not everyone thinks to budget the cost of boxes in the cost of how much it is to rent a storage unit – make sure you line item this!

Packing Tape and Dispenser – Around $15

Our boxes are fantastic, but if you don’t tape them shut securely for storage, how good can they really work? And that goes for any box. The thick tape and quality dispensers we have in stock will help you seal the contents in your boxes safely and keep your valuables clean. If you go to pick up that box of Grandma’s China and the bottom flops open…not only did your box just bust open, but that priceless family heirloom could end up more than just dirty, it could become a pile of broken pieces. Rules of thumb – use quality boxes and tape to secure your belongings.

Mattress and Furniture Covers – Around $40

We always suggest plastic mattress covers, sofa and chair covers, and large dust covers to keep the dust out of your fabric or leather items. Let’s face it, no matter how big a clean freak you are, there is always dust around. If you want to keep your furniture’s fabric in good shape and protected, you need to cover it properly. We have a variety of plastic covers available for all types and sizes of furniture and mattresses. When you use plastic covers, you can stack boxes on top of those large items maximizing your storage space inside the unit, without the worry of damaging them or getting them dirty. Not everyone thinks to budget the cost of furniture protection in the cost of how much it is to rent a storage unit – make sure you line item this!

Shrink Wrap and Bubble Wrap – Around $30

You want to keep your fragile items protected while in storage. Using shrink wrap to seal around your silverware organizers is a great way to keep them clean. When you take that silverware home and plan to use it, you won’t even need to wash it first.

Our crystal and dish protection kits give you the added protection of bubble wrap bags for your China and glassware. These kits come with a small heavy-duty box and plenty of bubble wrap bags to cover your breakables. The boxes are a perfect size! You won’t pack too heavy, making them easy to lift and carry in and out of storage.

Pink Protective Foam Wrap – Around $40

Many tenants like to purchase our Pink Protective Foam Wrap that you can wind around just about anything; from flat-screen TVs, framed pictures, and paintings to oddly shaped items like lamps and collectibles. It is very easy to tape together for added protection if you feel that is necessary.

Recap: How Much Does it Cost to Rent + Move In to a Storage Unit?

It depends Prices vary depending on four factors: location, demand, amenities, and size. These are only a few of the items we have available for purchase in our retail stores. We offer great prices, quality products, and friendly property managers. Our managers are on-site with the knowledge to help you choose what’s best for your storage needs. Stop in and chat with any of our property managers today! Learn more and see our large selection of supplies. A variety of packing and moving supplies on-site – another great value that Moove In Self Storage offers to keep your moving day less stressful.

Originally posted 10/22/2013; Updated 8/4/2021

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