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What can I say about Maplehofe Dairy? Probably not enough! It holds a special place in my heart and I will never be able to turn down a bottle of Maplehofe’s chocolate milk. I grew up outside of Quarryville and would regularly go to Maplehofe to get milk, among other things I’m sure, but the milk was what I remember. I also recall hot summer days getting a cone full of bubble gum ice cream and sitting outside on their giant wooden porch swing with my sister. I’m sure many of you have similar found memories from your childhood and possibly even of Maplehofe.

Maplehofe Dairy Chocolate MilkWhen I was put to the task of looking for donations for our annual blood drive for Central PA Blood Bank, Maplehofe was one of the first businesses that I considered reaching out to. When they agreed to donate their World’s Best (according to www.reallancastercounty.com) Chocolate Milk, I was super excited. Their generous donation of 50 pints of their chocolate milk was their first to Moove In’s regular charity events, but hopefully not their last! We were so appreciative of their donation to help support our local blood drive.

One of Lancaster County’s largest locally sourced products is dairy, which should be no surprise to most people in the area. The Glick family has owned and operated Maplehofe Dairy since 1974, being part of Lancaster County’s dairy scene for decades. They source and process their dairy products right here in Quarryville! Their dairy products are hormone free, which is a big deal for many people. And, their cows are fed with home grown crops from the dairy’s own farmland, making their products more desirable to folks looking for healthier options.

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Milk is the predominate product that Maplehofe Dairy produces, and they still offer it in glass bottles! Imagine that! But don’t worry, you can also get it in modern plastic bottles if that’s what you prefer. They locally source fresh farm produce, eggs and even hormone free beef products. And, they offer a full line of traditional grocery and homemaking supplies, bulk foods, candy and homemade peanut butter just to name a few. You can even get hand dipped ice cream in their store year round!

Maplehofe Dairy Local Asparagus Maplehofe Dairy Bulk Candy
Maplehofe has their main store located just outside of Quarryville on Robert Fulton Highway (Route 222). In addition to the main store, they have a fantastic offering of items at their two stands in Lancaster City’s Central Market. Though the Central Market location is a convenient way for all of Lancaster to get a taste of what Maplehofe has to offer, I highly recommend making the trip to Quarryville to get some of that fantastic ice cream and to see where this great local business got its start! They offer store hours Monday through Saturday and Market hours Tuesday through Saturday.

You can learn more about Maplehofe Dairy by visiting their store in Quarryville, their stands in Lancaster Central Market or by checking out their Facebook page. Share your favorite memories of Maplehofe on the comments below – we would love to hear them!

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