It Pays to Use Us for Your Business Storage Needs.

Self storage is most often thought of as a place to store your personal belongings: furniture, decorations, extra stuff you don’t have room for, vehicles and so on. But, have you ever thought about using a self storage unit for your business storage needs? If you haven’t, you may want to start thinking about it as a valuable resource for storing your business records, excess inventory and boxes and even old office furniture. Self storage can be the solution for large and small businesses alike.

When you picture your office or warehouse area, is there room to work? Do you have stuff piled all over the place? Is every nook and cranny packed full of things you don’t need right now? Many businesses don’t realize how much space all of that stuff takes up and how much working space is lost because of it. That is where we come in. You have the opportunity to de-clutter your business life and take advantage of self storage! Choose one of our convenient self storage facilities to keep your business more organized and functional, and most importantly, one that is appealing to your customers when they stop by to see you.

We have compiled a list of some businesses that could benefit from our business storage capabilities. This is by no means a complete list, but will give you an idea of how you can take advantage of self storage in your business:

  • Business Professional with BoxesLocal Small Businesses
    Everything from family owned restaurants to the florist down the road; many small businesses are in need of more space! Maybe your business is expanding and you just hired more employees, or maybe the office you rent is too small but you cannot afford to rent that large office until next year or the year after. By opting to clean up, clean out and move that excess stuff to a self storage unit, you can reorganize that business storage closet in the hall for easy access to your office supplies and most important business files. You can use self storage to house your extra business files, last year’s tax returns and more! All those old documents and files that have been taking up that space (that you rarely need to view anyway) can be moved to a self storage unit. You can still have access to them when necessary, but there is no need to fill your office with things you may look at just a few times a year.
  • Legal Firms
    Let’s face it, those in the legal field need their office space for their employees and clients. You cannot clutter up the lobby or corner office with boxes of old case files. They need to be stored in a safe place and out of sight. You can benefit from an off-site, temperature-control business storage unit to house your sensitive business records. Plus, you know they will be secure with our 24-hour closed circuit monitoring system, fully fenced in facility and keypad gate access.
  • Business Files and RecordsMedical
    When you think about how many patients are seen at a doctor’s office or clinic every day, it can be overwhelming when you realize all the paperwork that tags along with each of those patients. You need to keep all of your current patients’ files on site so you can access them at any time. That means a lot of valuable space is taken up with important files. So, what do you do with all the old medical files and equipment that you cannot get rid of but really don’t have the space for at the office anymore? You can keep it safe in a temperature-control business storage unit to ensure both the preservation and integrity of everything while freeing up valuable space in the office for more current files and records.
  • Restaurants/Clubs
    In the food service industry, the more space you have to fill with patrons and customers, the more business you will see and the more money you will make. That means little extra room is left for the other things you need to keep your business running, such as extra tables, linens, glassware and business records. You can easily take advantage of a self storage unit to house these items and easily access them when necessary.
  • Retail
    Inventory is always changing in the retail business. Holiday seasons and special events can make your warehouse or on-site storage area fill up rather quickly one day and empty out another. When you have a lot of inventory, the lack of space on site can make it hard to work and keep things organized, which slows business down…and that is never a good thing. Make storing and organizing your excess inventory a breeze with a drive-up self storage unit. Regardless of how much or how little you have at any given time, you can keep it all in one location without affecting the rest of your business operations.
  • Construction EquipmentContractors
    Many contractors work out of their home, their truck or a small office. So, where are you going to keep all those tools and equipment (and even extra work vehicles) that you must have to keep your business operational, but realistically have little to no space to store it? Using a drive-up self storage unit to store paperwork, records, invoices, materials and even equipment in a clean and organized space would be a great benefit. You can even park your extra work vehicles and trailers in an outdoor parking space (or storage unit) where they will be safe even when you are not using them.
  • Pharmaceutical/Sales
    If you have ever tried working from a car that is piled to the ceiling with products and literature, it can be quite stressful. How are you going to quickly find what you need in that mess? Instead of keeping everything at home, in your trunk or in the back seat, store your business products and samples in a temperature-control storage unit. Your car is like your office, the less cluttered it is, the more efficient you can work and the more professional you can present yourself.
  • Movers/Realtors
    Moving is one of the most stressful times in life. Let’s be honest here, no one likes it. As a realtor, you can help your clients by recommending a self storage facility to store items they don’t need at the current time. Maybe because they need to stage their home to list it or they need to move a bunch of stuff out of the way while they get the new home ready to move in (like installing new carpet and painting). You can help relieve at least some of their stress by partnering with us.
  • Apartment ComplexHigh Density Housing:
    Apartment Complexes, Condos, 55+ Communities, etc.
    If you manage an apartment complex or condo, you know there is never enough closet space and rarely a basement, attic or garage for your tenants. By partnering with us, you can provide a value-added service to your residents. Giving them information on our self storage facilities that are local, safe and secure, you can provide them that extra storage space they don’t have access to on your property without having to lift a finger. Not only that, but your maintenance department can take advantage of a self storage unit or parking space to store extra vehicles and equipment such as lawn mowers and tools in a safe and secure environment.


When using Moove In Self Storage for your business storage needs, you can store with confidence. We have a variety of services at your disposal. We can accept deliveries on your behalf in case you are on the road a lot or your hours vary every day. We have a key-holding service that will allow you to provide limited access to a list of employees so they can visit the self storage unit to access your items. They simply need to provide identification on arrival to sign the key out, then sign the key in before they leave the premises. This will free you up for more important things without worrying about your employees having unlimited access or no access at all to your storage unit. Let us take care of it for you!

Long-term commitments are a thing of the past! Our leases are month-to-month with no time constraints or long-term obligations. This gives you the flexibility of one month, five months or five years – whatever suits your business needs. We also have multiple unit management and online account services where you can make payments, view past payments and set up automatic payments so you don’t have to worry about them each month. Not to mention, self storage rent is much more affordable per square foot than office, retail or commercial space. That means we can really save you money…and who doesn’t like that?

We are your business storage solution. Contact us today to learn how we can simplify your business.

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