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York, PA History

We want to focus on the little known facts about the cities Moove In Self Storage serves in our upcoming blogs. Our first focus is York, PA.

York, PA has a special place in our heart; it’s a vibrant city full of history. The City of York, Pennsylvania was actually named for York, England. It played a big role in the building of our great nation. It was the birthplace of the Articles of Confederation and the first place that the words “The United States of America” were first spoken. York promotes itself as the site of the first capital, as well as being where the first Thanksgiving proclamation was announced.

There are also many other “firsts” that only York, PA can claim:

The first coal burning locomotive was built in York by Phineas Davis in 1832. The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad had offered a $4,000 prize to anyone who could invent a successful coal burning engine. Up to that time only wood could be used.

The first oxygen machine was made by Dr. George Holtzapple, while treating a young pneumonia patient who was not getting enough oxygen. According to York author Betty Peckham, Holtzapple “obtained the materials for making oxygen, chlorate of potash and black oxide of manganese,” and some equipment on March 6, 1885.

The first glitzy product packaging was created by P. A. & S. Small, proprietors of the Codorus Flour Mill, York, for the purpose of “bringing publicity and popularity to their brand of Pearlicross patent winter wheat flour.”

The first escalator was purportedly installed in the Bon-Ton in 1956. The building is now home to the York County Government Center.

The First Olympic winner was York Barbell lifter Tony Terlazzo who captured the Gold in 1936.

First snacks. Hanover resident John Folmer started out as a pretzel manufacturer in the 1840’s. In 1945 The Senft Brothers started selling York’s best potato chips.

York, PA certainly is “first place” to its many residents.

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