Why You Shouldn’t Store Sentimental Items In Your Storage Unit

Losing a loved one can be extremely difficult. Not only emotionally, but you now have all the person’s belongings that you are not sure where to keep them. Some of those things may be very important to you, and irreplaceable. And these are the items that you do not want to place into storage. These are going to be the items you should find somewhere in your home to keep them.

When using self storage, nothing is guaranteed. Many companies (like us) take preventive measures to prevent pests, mold and burglaries; but, unfortunately, not even the best plans are 100% effective. When you have something of great personal and significant value to you, it is something that just cannot be replaced. If something happens to it while in storage and you need to claim damage or loss, the insurance company is only going to look at the actual value of the item. They don’t take into consideration the sentimental value, and they can never help you replace that part of the item. Something that is so important to you, means nothing to someone else.

Then you need to consider the possibility that you cannot pay your self storage rent for some reason, so you become past due and even get to the point where your storage unit will be auctioned off. If you have something of great sentimental importance in there, you may very well lose it forever. No one ever wants this to happen, not even the owners of the storage company. But it does happen, and sometimes it is totally out of your control – like a job loss, major medical bills and other unexpected situations that put you in financial distress. We recommend that you never store documents such as birth certificates, social security cards, death certificates, degrees or diplomas in a storage unit. Just don’t take the chance in case the unexpected happens to you.

You also need to consider the rare occurrence when a burglary occurs at a storage property. We have fully fenced properties with electronic keypad gate access, that are well lit and have cameras recording to help prevent this from happening, and to keep you and your stuff safe. But if you have those identifying documents in there, the thief has access to them and could potentially steal your identity. And, that priceless armoire from your grandma is just a hunk of wood to them, and they don’t care if they damage or break it when ruffling through your belongings looking for something that has meaning or value to them.

Another item that should never be kept in your unit is ashes from a loved one – person or pet. Keeping a loved one’s remains in a unit is not only against our rental agreement, but is also a terrible idea. There are many legal regulations when it comes to ashes. There is a specific way you have to care for them because they are remains. You also run the risk of the urn being accidentally broken when you are moving in and out of your storage unit, and the ashes being scattered all over. Not good.

Keeping these kinds of items out of your storage unit will also give you peace of mind. We strive to make using self storage as easy and safe as possible, but there are things that are out of our control. That is why we so strongly recommend not storing items such as these. There are things in this world that hold no monetary value, yet they are the most important things to us and simply invaluable in our mind. It could be the bat your father taught you how to play baseball with, or your mother’s wedding dress that she passed down to you for when you get married. All these things hold a meaning to you that money cannot buy. Keep them safe and close to you. The insurance on your storage unit can help if anything were to happen to these items in your unit, but that cannot bring back the memories these items have to you.