Storage Tips

Why We Ask for Certain Personal Information and How to Update It

If you have rented a self storage unit, you may have wondered why did the property manager asked for certain bits of information? There are different reasons we ask for different things as part of the move in process. So let us review.

Your name and address.

This one is kind of obvious. But should we need to mail you a letter, an update to our policies, or so on, it’s very important that we have your current address on file. Many things can be sent through email, but some things are still required to be sent via old fashioned snail mail.

Your phone number.

Sometimes a quick phone call is the easiest way to handle things. Perhaps in your rush to grab something from your storage unit you forgot to lock the door correctly, or your autopay credit card has expired and you haven’t had a chance to update it yet, or you were on a waiting list to use our moving truck this weekend and it is now available. All of these items can be addressed if we just give you a quick call. That makes it imperative that we have your current phone number on file at all times, and also an alternate phone number in case we cannot get ahold of you.

Your email address.

As we are now largely paperless, we will email you a copy of your rental agreement at the time of your storage rental. And while we don’t send paper bills each month, we’re more than happy to email you an invoice reminding you that your rent is almost due. We can also email you a receipt after we process your payment so you know we recieved the check or money order you mailed in.

Your alternate contact.

Customer Updating

We ask that you list an alternate contact in case of emergency. This person is not able to make any changes to your account. They do not have any access to your information, nor can they gain entry to your storage unit. They are simply a second person we can call if we can’t reach you in an emergency.

We understand that people move, phone numbers change, and credit cards expire. It’s important to keep us posted about your new information as it changes, and we try to make that as easy as possible for you. We offer several ways to update any of your personal information:

  • In the Office – Stop by and say Hi! Your friendly property manager is always happy to see you and will be glad to update any and all of your information on the stop.
  • By mail – If the office hours aren’t convenient for you or you’ve moved away from the area, you can always send us a note in the mail. Please include your name, storage unit number, new or updated information, and your signature. This can be mailed, scanned and emailed, or faxed to the office.
  • Online – Logon to our website and you can update your email address or your autopay information in your account.
  • By phone – Unfortunately we can’t make changes to your account over the phone. But if you call and request it, we’ll happily email you a Change of Address Form you can fill out and return.
  • By email – We’re not able to make changes to your account this way either, but you can request that Change of Address Form.

The reason we do not make changes via phone or email is for your security. There is no way we can guarantee you are the one on the phone or the person who sent the email. The last thing we want is to make a change that you did not request to be made, and only allowing in person and by mail is a way to ensure that.

If you have any questions about updating your personal account information, you can contact us or talk with our property managers. And, when you are ready to secure a self storage unit, you can rent a storage unit online 24/7.