Where to Volunteer Lancaster, PA

Volunteering is a great American tradition that’s alive and well in Lancaster, PA. From shelters, local charity events, and more, Lancaster is a volunteer city! If you live here, or you’ve just moved here, and you want to help your community, volunteering is perfect. You’ll meet wonderful people, help your neighbors in need, and be a part of what makes Lancaster so great!   To help you get started, we’ve put together this article with Top Tips on How To Volunteer, Lancaster, PA. We’ll point you to the best organizations that need your help, both big and small. There are plenty of Lancaster volunteer opportunities. All you need to do is pick the one that fits your style best! So if finding volunteer opportunities in Lancaster is your goal, read on! We’ve collected some of the very best that need good people like you!

Where to Volunteer Lancaster, PA

Volunteer in Lancaster at Vision Corps

Vision Corps provides rehabilitation services to the blind and visually impaired here. Not only that, but they practice what they preach! They employ over 100 blind or visually impaired people. They also have a preschool for children aged 3 to 5, both with and without visual impairments. As you might imagine, Vision Corps is always in need of volunteers. Consider donating your time to this worthy cause!

Vision Corps

244 N. Queen St. Lancaster, PA

Phone: (717) 291-5951

Volunteer in Lancaster at Aaron’s Acres

Raising a special needs child takes, as they say, a village. Being a significant part of that village is the goal of Aaron’s Acres. They offer therapeutically-based recreational programs for special needs children aged 5 to 21. Their motto is “embracing possibilities beyond disabilities.” For over 15 years, they’ve helped special needs kids do just that.  As a volunteer, you’ll help children have fun and learn social skills. They are always in need of compassionate, caring volunteers. Aaron’s Acres is definitely one of the top volunteer opportunities, Lancaster, PA.

Aaron’s Acres

1861 Charter Lane, Ste. 114 Lancaster, PA

Phone: (717) 917-6101

Volunteer for the Holidays at Gifts That Give Hope

Have you ever imagined what Christmas would be like without presents? At Holiday Hope, their goal is to help Lancaster families in need have a happy Christmas. They hold fundraisers to provide gifts for families. Holiday Hope doesn’t just buy presents for children, but entire families. Holiday Hope is an excellent volunteering choice, all year round! That goes double for teenagers who are looking for volunteer opportunities!

Gifts That Give Hope

3 Frogtown Ln. Pequea, PA

Email: info@giftsthatgivehope.org

Volunteer for Single Mothers at Mom’s House

Being a parent in today’s world is sometimes rather difficult. If you’re a single mother, it’s much more difficult. That’s why, at Mom’s House, they support single moms with free daycare. That allows those moms to work or go back to school and get a degree. That way, they’ll be able to better provide for their children on their own. Like the other organizations on our list today, Mom’s House needs excellent volunteers. They offer many volunteer opportunities in Lancaster, to be sure. 

Mom’s House

415 S. Queen St. Lancaster, PA 

Phone: (717) 396-9130

Where to Volunteer Lancaster, PA

Feed the Hungry at Meals on Wheels

As in many American cities, there are a lot of homebound people living in Lancaster. That makes getting out to go to the grocery store and buy food complicated. Meals on Wheels is one of the top Lancaster volunteer opportunities. Their volunteers deliver ready-to-eat meals to homebound Lancaster residents throughout the entire year. That includes both a hot and cold meal every day. As you might imagine, it takes many people to put all those meals together and deliver them around the area. Indeed, there’s no way they could do what they do without the help of so many lovely people.

Meals on Wheels

1085B Manheim Pike Lancaster, PA

Phone: (717) 392-4842

Volunteer for Children at CASA of Lancaster County

Unfortunately, Lancaster has many and neglected children. At CASA, they provide advocates for children. That way, they can support children and help them become healthy, empowered adults. Also, they can permanently break the cycle of neglect and abuse in Lancaster, PA. CASA Is always looking for top volunteers and relies on them heavily. If ‘volunteer Lancaster PA’ is on your ‘to-do’ list, CASA is looking for you!

Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children

32 East Orange St. Suite 202 Lancaster, PA

Phone: (717) 208-3280

Get Out and Volunteer Lancaster!

In closing, MooveIn Storage wants to thank you for helping our community. Many wonderful organizations need volunteers in Lancaster. The list above is just the tip of the volunteer iceberg. Volunteering is as American as apple pie. Therefore, you should be proud of your efforts no matter what organization you choose.

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