What’s the Deal with Your Free Moving Truck?

Moove In Self Storage is a leader in offering you superior service. In addition to our self storage services, packing and moving supplies and great customer service – many properties offer  additional “perks” to help you during those times when a storage unit is necessary. One such perk is the use of our Free Moving Truck.

We believe in providing everything our customers could need during the moving process…and that includes our Free Moving Truck. We want to make your move less stressful, in any we can. Providing our moving truck for you to use is a benefit we feel is very important to our tenants. Let’s face it, moving can be expensive. Having moving trucks available at our locations can help take some of that pressure off: our moving truck is free to use, all our moving trucks are automatic transmission and you won’t have to run around town looking for a truck to rent.

Free Moving Truck

Using a moving truck provides a more efficient way for you to move larger items such as furniture and appliances, and also makes it easier to deal with all the small items and boxes you plan to store. Most of us have moved using our cars, the neighbor’s pickup, and about a million trips back and forth due to limited space in each vehicle. Not to mention all the gas wasted when using multiple cars and trucks with numerous trips. A moving truck offers more space that is easier to pack items into. And more space in one vehicle means less trips back and forth with less time and gas wasted, and what’s better than that?

One of the biggest perks of our Moving Truck, is getting to use it for FREE! That’s right, we provide it free to our new tenants to move in. I know you are probably thinking, “There’s no way it’s actually free!” So, let me explain some of the details:

Free Moving Truck
By simply renting your self storage unit with Moove In Self Storage, you are given the opportunity to use our moving truck for free to move your stuff into your self storage unit. New tenants can secure our Free Moving Truck with no rental charge. You even get the first 25 miles for free! This is a one-time offer for new tenants only.

Moving Truck Rental
You can also rent our moving truck when moving out of your unit, or moving items to and from your self storage unit at any time during your stay with us. If you need to rent our truck for one of these circumstances, please contact your property manager for details on the rental fees and process.

Reservation Times & Availability
Our moving trucks are available for use Monday-Friday. There are two time slots available every weekday – one in the morning and one in the afternoon. We also offer all day time slots on Saturday. However, our Saturday time slots carry a rental fee.

Reservations are on a first come first served basis. You can fill out our Moving Truck Request Form to get the process started – but please note that this form is only a request and not a reservation. If you fill out this request form, the property manager will contact you for more details and to get the reservation set up. You may also contact the property manager directly to set up the reservation.

Because our moving trucks are on a first come first served basis, your first date and time choice may not be available. Our property manager will work with you on your reservation for the next available date and time slot.Occasionally our available moving truck may be located at one of our other facilities, different from where you are renting your self storage unit. When this happens, the process remains the same. One exception: the facility where the moving truck is currently available will be the pick up and drop off location for the moving truck, even if that is different than your storage facility. Your property manager can help you schedule your reservation even in this case, and help you with the process.

We strive to make everything about the moving process easy. We have simplified the process for using our moving truck to save you time and hassle. Just follow these guidelines: The person who will be driving the truck needs to visit the office at the scheduled pick up time and show his or her current driver’s license, provide proof of valid auto insurance displaying the driver’s name and pay the rental deposit. Please understand that you are required to pay $15 for the Collision Damage Waiver when using our truck – this waiver is mandatory every time our trucks are used. The rental deposit will be refunded when you return the moving truck, as long as you fill up the gas tank before returning the moving truck to our facility.

Hopefully this helps explain the process of using our moving truck with little confusion. We want to make your moving day as easy as we can by offering storage tips and checklists, helping you choose the correct self storage unit for your needs, and also providing special perks like our free moving truck. Of course, if you have any questions about this process you can contact any of our friendly property managers. They are always happy to help out and provide assistance to our current and new tenants.

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