Storage Tips

What If I Get Stuck on the Property After Hours?

You are really making progress organizing your storage unit. You’ve been at the property for hours, but it feels great knowing how much easier it will be to find your belongings every time you visit in the future. It’s summer and it’s still pretty light out, so you think you are fine. You work on a few more areas, then look at your phone or watch and realize it is 10:05 pm. On no! The gate locks at 10 pm, and you completely lost track of time. You’re stuck inside the gate. What’s next?

Our gate access hours are set from 6 am to 10 pm for your protection. We ask that you please respect these hours and be sure to be outside the gate by that time so you don’t get locked in. But hey, things do happen and we completely understand. You may find yourself on the property after 10 pm without realizing it, until it is too late. This can happen especially if you have an interior unit and cannot tell it has become dark outside. Are you locked in all night? The answer is no.

Let’s go over the property procedures so that you can get out of the fenced area and get home:


  • Please do not immediately call 911 – this really isn’t an emergency.
  • Do not try to bust out of the gate yourself.
  • And don’t panic!


  • Call the number listed on the exit keypad, and follow the instruct
  • If you have been given a business card upon renting, you also will have the storage property phone number. You can call that number (which is the same as what is on the keypad) and press option 1 for a representative.
  • Talk to our call center, who will kindly help you get outside of the gate. The call center representative has special instructions and permission for each location to help you get out when this does happen.
  • If you are on the property long after the gate hours, and the storage counselors are not answering (after midnight for example), you can park your vehicle somewhere out of the way so it is not blocking anyone’s unit door, the entrance or drive aisles. Then you can simply walk out of the man-gate beside the main gate and call someone from your cell phone for a ride. The man-gate is always locked from the outside going in to stop anyone from just walking in. It is also unlocked from the inside going out at all times – for your safety.

Of course, if you do have an emergency situation, please call the police or fire for an emergency. You can call the numbers listed on the keypad, or 911 at that point. However, if you just need the gate opened so you can leave, that is not an emergency!

If this has happened to you, it’s no big deal. Should this happen to you, we ask you have patience, as the correct procedures must take place. That can be a timely process. We do understand that this sometimes happens. But please do not become a repeat offender, or there will be fees involved for after hours gate access assistance.