Packing Tips

We’ve Got More than Just Boxes

When you think of moving and storage, the first thing that may come to mind is, “I’m going to need boxes. Lots of boxes!” No need to start running to local grocery stores hunting down those used free ones or calling around asking every other store if they can save boxes for you. We have all the moving supplies you need right in our well stocked retail stores!

And why should you pay for boxes instead of getting the free ones from the grocery store? There are several reasons. Let’s review.

First, and most importantly, is quality.

Our boxes are made of quality materials that will stand up over time. They are made using high quality liner board with moisture and mildew resistant glue that adds durability in high humidity. The edges are crush tested, meaning they will be able to withstand being stacked up for several months without sagging. Grocery store boxes just aren’t constructed this way. Our boxes are specially designed for the self storage industry.

Then you need to consider size.

Our boxes come in many sizes, designed to get you packed as conveniently as possible. Extra-large boxes are great for quilts, pillows, shoes or your Tupperware™ collection. Large boxes work well for clothes, holiday decorations and kitchen gadgets. Towels, linens, or photo albums are a good fit for our medium sized boxes.  Small boxes are perfect for DVDs, video games and books. We also have boxes specifically suited for mirrors, pictures, TVs and lamps. Plus our wardrobe boxes come with a convenient metal hanging bar so you don’t even have to take your clothes off the hangers. And for your dishes and glasses, we offer our dish pack box and glass pack kit.

Totes versus boxes.

You may also be considering using storage totes instead of boxes. There are a few things to consider when making your decision. Since totes are not perfect squares, they do not stack very well. The bottom of the tote is smaller than the top, leaving the weight in the center of the lid beneath it. After a while, that lid will start to cave in. This can cause your stack to collapse and fall over. When stacked, there is also quite a gap between them because they are not perfectly square or rectangular, wasting precious storage space. If you happen to have a few totes around the house already and want to use them for storage, I would suggest you pack them with things like pillows, quilts or even your child’s stuffed animal collection. These are lightweight bulky items that would conform to the shape of the tote and maximize the space inside. Filling storage totes with books or dishes is going to make them incredibly heavy and difficult to carry, plus they will not pack neatly inside due to the curved and angled sides.

We have all the extras!

But wait! We’re so much more than just boxes. We have bubble wrap in small rolls or large boxes for your fragile items. For your dishes, we have plain packing paper (no ink!). There’s nothing worse than wrapping up dishes just to find your hands are all smudged and black from the newsprint ink wearing off as you use it. Tape, in small single rolls and 3-packs as well as a 2-pack with a professional tape gun. We also have non-slip work gloves, utility knives and tie down rope.

If you’re putting any or all of your belongings into your self storage unit, we offer a wide selection of plastic covers to protect those items. We have mattress covers in twin, full, queen and king sizes. There are covers specifically designed to protect your sofa and chairs. And even one we call a dust cover, which is a 10ft x 20ft sheet of plastic you can toss over most, if not all, of your items – or cut to size for odd shaped items like coffee tables and lamps. All of our covers are water and stain resistant.

If you have any questions about our boxes and other moving supplies, please contact us or reach out to any of our knowledgeable property managers. And, if you are ready to start using self storage, you can rent a storage unit online 24/7.