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Vacating Your Self Storage Unit

Vacating Your UnitFirst of all, we don’t like to see you go! However, we understand that many people use self storage on a temporary basis to get them through certain situations: buying and selling a home, downsizing, marriage/divorce, home remodeling, estate storage and so on. Whatever the reason for vacating your storage unit, there are some things you need to know and need to do to help make the moving out process smooth and easy.

Written Notice
Written Notice
Before vacating, you will need to notify your property manager in writing. As per your rental agreement, we require written notice a minimum of seven (7) days prior to the date you plan to vacate. You can mail your letter, drop it off at the office or email it to the property manager – whichever is easiest for you. Be sure to include the date you plan to vacate, your full name, the unit number and the reason for vacating.

If your situation changes unexpectedly and the date you planned to vacate needs to move, simply let the property manager know as soon as you are able. You can call the office, send a new letter via mail, email the property manager or stop in the office. We can then reschedule you for the new vacate date and update your file.

Cleaning Your Storage Unit
After you have given written notice of your intent to vacate, you need to make sure your storage unit is in the same condition as when you moved in. All items need to be removed, the unit should be swept out and any stains or spills need to be cleaned to the best of your ability to avoid any fees. If you need to borrow a broom and dust pan to clean up, you can simply stop in the office and we will be happy to provide one for you to use.

Be sure to remove your lock as well. Please remember, we do not have access to your unit at any time. If you leave a lock on the unit, we will need to remove it and you will be charged a lock cutting fee.

After you have emptied out all your belongings, swept and cleaned the unit and removed the lock, simply stop in the office and see the property manager. He or she will walk out with you to inspect the unit and confirm it has been returned to us in the satisfactory condition.

Tell Us How We Did!
We Want Your Feedback
We strive to make your self storage experience a great one, even when you are vacating. The only way to guarantee that is to ask for your feedback. It will only take a few minutes of your time, and the feedback we receive from you is vital to providing the best customer service to our tenants during all stages of the storage process.

We have several options for you to give feedback:

  • Write a Google Review on our Google+ page.
    The property manager can provide you a quick instruction sheet with the link to our page, and even email you the document if you prefer. The whole process only takes a few minutes of your time.
  • Provide a written testimonial.
    The property manager can give you a form to fill out by hand quickly before you leave the office.
  • Provide a video testimonial.
    The property manager will simply record you using a camera or a smart phone before you leave the office. We ask for a quick, 15-30 second testimonial about your storage experience, which we may use on our website. You will need to sign a model release for this option.

Lastly, we would like to thank you for choosing Moove In Self Storage for your storage needs! We hope that you enjoyed your stay with us and will come back when you have future storage needs.

Referral BonusDon’t forget, even after you vacate you can still earn referral bonuses! For every person you refer to us who signs a rental agreement, you will receive $25. There is no limit to how many referral bonuses you can earn. Simply have them provide us your full name, address, phone number and email; or you can give them a referral card to hand in to us. Be sure to ask the property manager for a stack of referral cards before you leave.

If you have any questions about the vacating process or just want to learn more about self storage, you can contact us for more information.

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It’s probably a great idea to notify someone before you leave. That way you don’t get charged for something you don’t use. Nobody wants to spend money on nothing.

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